9 Fruits with High Sugar Content, Anything?

KOMPAS.com – When it comes to food high sugarmaybe we will immediately think of sweet foods like milk chocolate, caramel candies, cakes, donuts, or ice cream.

However, did you know that some healthy and natural foods seem to contain no less high sugar?

Fortunately, fruit still can be a healthy way to consume sugar. What’s more, fruit is rich in vitamins and high in fiber, so it can improve digestion.

“I don’t want people to be afraid of the sugar in fruit, because this sugar is natural sugar. The body processes it in a different way, not like processing the sugar in a cake,” says certified dietitian Beth Czerwony, RD, as quoted by the Cleveland Clinic. .

However, that doesn’t mean we can eat too much fruit. This is because sugar is still sugar, which can trigger various health problems if consumed in high amounts.

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Sugar content in fruit

Then, anything high sugar fruit the? Here’s a list of several types of fruit with sugar content, so we can decide which one is suitable for our needs.

photo" data-photolink="http://lifestyle.kompas.com/image/2023/01/19/090900920/9-buah-dengan-kandungan-gula-tinggi-apa-saja?page=2">Matheus Cenali Illustration of an apple

One large apple has 25.1 grams of sugar, the same as Hershey’s milk chocolate.

However, the majority of the sugar in apples is fructose or “fruit sugar” which usually doesn’t cause blood sugar or insulin levels to spike as high as other sugars such as glucose or sucrose.

In addition, apples are also rich in fiber, which can help promote metabolic processes, thereby preventing sugar and insulin levels in the blood from increasing dramatically.

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