“9 Essential Tips for Achieving Successful Email Marketing Acquisition”

9 email marketing tips to get more attention

Sea Statesman 332 billion emails were sent worldwide last year (2022). The shipping volume is expected to increase significantly by 2026, then to 392.5 billion. This huge volume presents opportunities for email marketing, but also great challenges.

On the one hand, e-mail remains an important means of communication. On the other hand, marketers have to make sure that their messages don’t get lost in the flood of mail. To make this happen, we have put together 9 email marketing tips.

1. Create personas for your target groups

Our first email marketing tip is: deal with your target group. You can use personas to do this. Personas are fictional profiles of customers that include information such as age, needs, skills, gender, and goals. They are important for defining target groups.

Normally every company has different target groups that should be addressed. Only if you tailor the content of your e-mail marketing to the target group do you have a chance that it will be opened, read and clicked on.

2. Formulate an appealing subject line

One of the most important factors in successful email marketing is the open rate. Many companies have problems here. The reason: A boring or meaningless subject. One of the most important email marketing tips is therefore: formulate a subject that arouses the interest of your readers and potential customers!

Not only does it have to be short and to the point, it also has to fit the respective target group. If you are looking for an appealing subject line, A/B testing is a good idea. By comparing the open rates of different emails, you can easily find out which phrases, special characters, and words are performing well.

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3. Include a call to action (CTA).

The so-called call-to-action (CTA) is nothing more than a request for action. Important email marketing tip: limit yourself to one CTA, otherwise the email will quickly become overloaded. For example, you can integrate the call-to-action in the form of a button. Directly prompt your readers to take an action, like “Download now.”

4. Personalize the emails

Creating buyer personas and sending your marketing emails to the right audience is an important first step. But you also have to think about personalizing your mailings. Salutations like “Dear Sir or Madam” are too impersonal. Therefore, readers do not feel addressed.

Important e-mail marketing tip: So try to personalize your e-mails as much as possible. Good newsletter tools will help you with this. You can customize the most diverse areas of e-mails.

5. Use tools

If you carry out all steps of email marketing manually, you have to be prepared for an enormous effort. Fortunately, this is not necessary as there are email marketing tools for this purpose. The different software not only help with the automation of processes, but also bring other advantages. With its analysis functions, you can check at any time how your campaigns are received by the readers.

You also have design templates and personalization functions at your disposal so that you can create email campaigns tailored to your target groups in a relatively short time.

Last but not least, it is important to emphasize the lower spam risk. E-mail programs for personal use are not designed for serial mails. Therefore, serial mails from such programs are often classified as spam. This is far less likely with a professional provider.

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6. Provide good content

Of course, your e-mails are nothing more than a marketing measure. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t do long self-promotion, but rather concentrate on the problems and wishes of your customers.

One of the most important email marketing tips is to provide your subscribers with relevant content. You should avoid empty words and get to the point as quickly as possible. If the content is good, readers are far more likely to respond to the CTA.

7. Take care of mobile optimization

E-mails are increasingly being opened on mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that they are displayed correctly on smartphone or tablet through responsive design. However, this is only the case if you mobile optimization into account when designing.

Among other things, it is important that links are not too close together. Otherwise, false clicks can easily occur. Another important aspect is the display of photos. Without optimization, photos may appear distorted. This quickly creates an unprofessional impression.

In today’s world, the mobile optimization of e-mails is no longer too difficult. With the right tools, the points mentioned can be implemented quickly.

8. Optimize the design

The design of the e-mails must match the corporate design of your company. In addition, you should not annoy the readers with overly long texts. Feel free to include images, infographics or videos to make the content more visually appealing. Enumerations and lists are also good.

Another important email marketing tip: make sure you have a good structure. An e-mail should always be well structured, as most people do not read their e-mails completely, but only scan them briefly. Email marketing tools offer a wide variety of templates. So you don’t have to design everything from scratch.

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9. Make unsubscribing easy

No company wants potential customers to unsubscribe from the newsletter, but the option is legally mandatory. Therefore, it should be possible to unsubscribe without any problems. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, which is why many readers do not even sign up for a newsletter. A simple unsubscribe option also contributes to a clean email list. You will have more interactions as a percentage.

Send successful newsletters with our email marketing tips

E-mail marketing is still a successful marketing tool – but not a sure-fire success. Marketers have to deal with the various possibilities and opportunities and keep themselves informed.

Without a professional e-mail marketing tool, there is hardly any chance of doing this. Compare the different providers and consider our email marketing tips on personalization, design and content creation. Then nothing can go wrong!

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