9 complications of congenital heart disease to watch out for


KOMPAS.com – Heart disease Congenital (CHD) is a term used to describe a variety of birth defects that affect the normal functioning of the heart.

The term “congenital” means this condition is present from birth.

Get started Health line, Heart disease Congenital diseases occur due to problems in the early development of the structure of the heart.

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This defect usually interferes with normal blood flow through the heart, which can affect breathing.

Although researchers aren’t sure why the heart isn’t developing properly, suspected causes include:

  • Heart defects are inherited in the family
  • Taking certain prescription drugs during pregnancy puts your child at a higher risk of developing heart defects
  • The consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs during pregnancy can increase the child’s risk of developing heart defects
  • Mothers who have viral infections in the first trimester of pregnancy are more likely to have children with heart defects
  • High blood sugar levels, such as diabetes, can affect childhood development

Congenital heart defects including diseases that should not be underestimated because they can be life threatening.

Conclude NHSChildren and adults with congenital heart disease tend to have a higher risk of developing other problems.

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The following are many Complications of Congenital Heart Disease take care of:

1. Development problems

Many children with more severe congenital heart disease suffer developmental delays.

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