85-year-old caught with BG prostitutes, justified by the effect of “AstraZeneca”

An 85-year-old Italian pensioner from Sorrento was caught in the company of two Bulgarian prostitutes in his caravan on the road to Eboli. This is the effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the old man’s excuse to the carabinieri when he was stopped.

According to local media, the pensioner was immunized at the Piano di Sorrento vaccination center, after which he stopped on the road to put the two Bulgarian prostitutes in his caravan.

The carabinieri surprised the man at 10 am with the Bulgarian women on board, after which they fined him 533 euros.

It was worth it, all the credit goes to the AstraZeneca vaccine, which I would like. “I observed the lockdown for a year, and now I feel reborn,” said the Italian.

However, the surprise of the carabinieri was even greater when after only two hours on the same road, but in another municipality, they came across the pensioner again. This time a Romanian prostitute was loaded into his van. The pensioner was fined another 533 euros.

The elderly man did not expect to be detected again by the authorities conducting control checks for prostitution on the road in question. On top of that, the tireless Italian violated the anti-epidemic measures related to the “orange” zone, which prohibit the transition from one municipality to another.

Despite the fines of a total of 1,066 euros, the pensioner was not worried and commented that the vaccine gave him strength and made him go all the way to Eboli to look for prostitutes.



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