844 new cases of covid-19 infected reported

The President of the Republic announced that Venezuela reported 797 cases of community transmission and 47 imported, for a total of 844 new cases of contagion by covid-19.

Caracas reports 397 infected that represent 42% of national cases, positioning the country’s capital as the epicenter of the pandemic, a fact that President Maduro highlighted.

He also announced the death of 8 people from the pandemic.

The president asked Vice President Delcy Rodríguez to apply an expanded epidemiological sweep in the Car Market, in order to combat covid-19, as he stressed that it has denoted that there are many cases of infections in related people in this place.

He reported that 76,625 Venezuelans who have entered through the borders, of which 5,491 have tested positive for the coronavirus to those who have been treated and their lives have been saved. He highlighted that 45,608 people entered through Táchira, 7,911 through the borders in Zulia, 18,675 through Apure, 170 through Amazonas and 3,829 through Bolívar state.

“The Bolivarian Government continues to make efforts to provide them with the necessary attention and receives with love the Venezuelans who return to their homeland,” Maduro insisted.

For this reason, the president highlighted the importance of monitoring the impact of the pandemic in border countries. He highlighted that Colombia ranks number eight and so far registers more than 376 thousand infections and more than 12 thousand 500 fatalities due to the virus, while Brazil already ranks number two in infections of covid-19 worldwide, to date, it counts more than 3 million cases and more than 101 thousand deaths.

“These are two great threats to Venezuela, since they maintain exponential contagion curves.”

He insisted on the need to protect himself and comply with biosecurity regulations to reduce infections.

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