82-year-old Vitorgan turned to his daughter

The artist made parting words to the heiress.

Any parent tries to say the most important thing to the child on his birthday. But the words of Emmanuil Vitorgan to his three-year-old daughter raised questions.

On an important day, the 82-year-old actor turned to the baby with a request to always be with her older sister – a wish that not every father will make to such a small child. The expert explained what lies behind it.

Such thoughts are typical for older parents, said the psychologist. Andrey Zberovsky in a conversation with the portal PopCornNews. Thus, the artist has been raising his children since childhood, saying that, most likely, mom or dad will not, he added.

“From the point of view of the layman, this is strange. But where parents understand the risks and want their children to grow up in close family relationships, there is nothing in this, ”the expert concluded.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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