80s fashion is back! Motorists rated the VAZ-2108 at 1 million rubles

Down with the salon, which back hurts.

On the eve of the web were published pictures of the modernized VAZ-2108 – the “white crow” in the world of Lada. Moreover, motorists rated LADA Samara at 1,000,000 rubles, after which they themselves were in shock.

The situation is that the owner of the eminent VAZ-2108 did nothing with the appearance of the hatchback, however, it completely changed its interior decoration. The motorist got rid of the problem cabin, which caused passengers inconvenience and physical pain.

Since 1984, the owners of Samara have been complaining about an uncomfortable landing, because of which their legs were numb on the gas pedals and their back was “buzzing” when traveling long distances. Therefore, it was decided to put a salon from BMW, which cost the owner 55 thousand rubles.

Despite the “charged” interior, the problems with the rotting Russian machine gun did not go away. The body is still prone to corrosion, and the wheels do not have a sharp inversion to fit into a narrow turn. In addition, the appearance of “Samara” can not be called ideal.

Without a doubt, the fashion of the 80s is returning, but only an ardent fan of the Russian AvtoVAZ can give for a VAZ-2108 with a BMW interior, but with all the shortcomings, motorists are sure.

In general, today it is possible to purchase a VAZ-2108 with a range of 180 and 500 kilometers for 37 thousand rubles, and for 100 thousand rubles. The price includes four-wheel drive, a 1.5-liter gasoline engine and 70 horsepower. The issue price of a supported car depends on the safety of its weak spot body.



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