8 women who inspire us answer the question “What would you say to your ‘millennial’ self?”.

Maria gave me the idea. At 18 years old and just entering university, he confessed to me that he needed a push not to give up and abandon his dreams. The coronavirus and the crisis were affecting her too much and she had the feeling that she was wasting the best years of her life. That is why COSMO decided to act and has contacted eight pro women from our country who, looking at their self millennial, they have a tip for you. Because although they are all great professionals with a cool vibe, they have also suffered and gone through super complicated streaks. Edurne Pasaban, the first woman in the world to reach fourteen eight thousand, fell into a terrible depression after being dumped within a week of getting married; the comedian, presenter, interpreter and always brilliant Silvia Abril had to put up with a teacher who told her that if she didn’t lose weight she wouldn’t be an actress; Eva Isanta, protagonist of The one that looms, one of the three most viewed series this year –after 13 seasons! -, she confesses that she was slow when making decisions; Encarna and Toñi Salazar, or better, the everlasting Azúcar Moreno, had to break down barriers to deal with the prejudices that prevented two gypsies from becoming stars; Ana Locking, National Fashion Design Award 2020, felt “the weird one” and it was not easy to deal with it; Susanna Griso, a journalist with current events –and an Ondas– in her veins, knew how difficult it was to find a place in the news, and the columnist and writer Rosa Montero, respected, loved and admired for her great stories and for having promoted the feminism, she looked ugly when she was in her prime! Each of them stars in a video in which she tells you what she would say now, with everything she knows, to that innocent girl full of projects that she was; what you regret (or feel proud of), and what is your advice to find the way that helps you fulfill yourself and be happy.


Silvia Abril: “There is nothing impossible”

How generous is Silvia Abril! Star of one of the star Christmas commercials and stuck in the show The group, who leads with Toni Acosta on Cadena SER, made us a space to record this video in which he encourages you not to decline and to continue working to achieve what you set out to do. “There is nothing impossible,” he says with a smile. Believing it and working are the keys for her. And a woman who has done almost everything in life tells you. Even cook in Masterchef and wearing a girdle at the Goya gala last year. “This is how most of us go today, eh?” She recalled the actresses, directors and guests who watched her from the stalls. She is a fighter and did not want to miss the opportunity to denounce that there are still many battles to win. Luckily, he changed his law degree for acting and humor!

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Edurne Pasaban: “How do you miss your rice?”

He has almost touched the stars with his hands. And it is not an euphemism. On May 7, 2010, the Gipuzkoan Edurne Pasaban became the first woman to crown the fourteen eight thousand on the planet. An achievement that only 20 men had achieved before. After that, she has done many things: she has been a mother, she has become one of the most respected voices in self-improvement… However, she is not going to tell you about this in her video. The mountaineer tells you about the pressure that surrounded her in those years of great success and sacrifice. She tells you that her boyfriend left her, that she suffered from depression and that she suffered because will pass the rice to have children and to meet the expectations of many of those around her. Today, radiant, confident and delighted to help anyone who asks, encourages you to “write your own life book.”

Ana Locking: “Being ‘the rare’ will be your strength”

The last ten years, the career of this designer has gone like a bullet until she achieved, just a few weeks ago, the National Fashion Design Award, a title that she shares with the greatest such as Paco Rabanne or DavidDelfin. Ana Locking is groundbreaking, different, daring … Pure crush. In COSMO we melt with her because, in addition, her answers are wise even when everything goes wrong. Successful in her profession and in life – she has just overcome breast cancer (how important science is!) -, she seeks that you squeeze every moment and that values ​​as a gift to be the different one of the group: “It will be your strength in the future”. But that is not all. She encourages you to use the stage millennial to fight and vindicate everything you believe in.

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Azúcar Moreno: “Live your way and be happy”

A few months ago, in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, they released their latest album, The secret, and with this one, between studio albums, live shows, compilations … they add up to almost 30. In addition, some of his songs, such as You only live once, have become hymns for several generations, including the millennial. Toñi and Encarna Salazar are part of the history of music in Spain and they are radiant. “We have done a lot for gypsy culture. Azúcar Moreno has been innovative because we turned flamenco around,” recalls Toñi. And for those who think they stay in music, here is another reflection: “We are also proud to have helped the gypsy women to take a step forward. To say” I don’t want to be a slave. ” the gypsy woman a bit of freedom to express, feel and think as they feel. And be free “. But this has not been free, life has given them many sticks. The good? They have always risen.

Rosa Montero: “Think you are very pretty”

Article writer, writer, feminist referent, National Prize for Literature … Rosa Montero finished her last novel, Good luck, just before the pandemic started. A story that envelops you in the wonderful world of emotions of Raluca and Pablo, but that also talks about opportunities, conflicts and, above all, about the love of life and luck, which only rewards you if you bet on it. . Perhaps that is why, when we asked her what she would say to that 20-year-old young woman, we were delighted that she looked deep into her heart and she, who for many young people may seem like a person who has never doubted, a pioneer for equality In the Transition, when empowerment was not part of the collective vocabulary, go straight to your insecurities and confess that you felt ugly, unable to speak in public … This is probably why this is your advice: “Love yourself a lot!”

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Eva Isanta: “When there is a goal, everything is easier”

It has been uninterrupted for almost two decades sneaking into the homes of millions of Spaniards – first with Here there is no one life and, since 2007, with The one that is coming– and it is to be aware that it is a privileged one. The spectators are too, especially if they are also lucky enough to enjoy it in the theater, where it wastes energy and talent (if you want, you can see it in Dirty wheat, in Torrevieja, on January 21). Both in acting and in short distances, Eva Isanta leaves a mark on you. Thoughtful and vital, you will love hearing her laugh, joke and say that she knew she wanted to be an actress when she was very young and she went for it. She does not hesitate to assure that “when you have a clear objective, everything is easier”. And he claims the youth to raise their voices: “It is a good time to jump into the fight.”

Susanna Griso: “Life is a sigh”

In the movie The truth, Robert Redford He replies that curiosity led him to become a journalist. Her answer could be that of Susanna Griso, determined since she began, a few decades ago, to squeeze every moment, to dare to ask … These months you have seen her interview Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Irene Montero, but also recovering the microphone to return to act as a reporter and give voice to those who are experiencing the worst. The journalist, one of the current faces of Antena 3, winner of the 2017 Ondas award, joins the tandem that has marked her career: life and profession, by reviewing her past and confessing to you what she would do if she returned to her university years: learning languages, getting to know the world, getting closer to other cultures … In a word: living. Listen to her, perhaps she is right when she says that “life is a sigh”.

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