8 Weird Conspiracy Theories That Haunted the 9/11 Attacks for Two Decades


WASHINGTON United States of America (USA) commemorates two decades terrorist attack which destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center, New York, which fell right on Saturday (11/9/2021).

To remind, on 11 September 2001 , four commercial planes hijacked by terrorists al-Qaeda . The planes were then flown towards the World Trade Center skyscrapers and buildings Pentagon , which caused thousands of casualties, massive damage, and shocked the entire world.

The deadliest terror attack in US history has also given rise to many theories that challenge the official accounts of the event despite official investigations proving it conspiracy theory That is wrong.

Following the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the following is a summary of the most popular conspiracy theories surrounding the event. Sputnik.

1. US Government Engagement

Many proponents of the 9/11 conspiracy theory believe that the US government may have known beforehand about the attack and even contributed to it.

Different theories offer claims that the US government needs a pretext for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or to restrict American civil liberties.

Some conspiracy theorists have claimed that North American Air Defense Command (NORAD) deliberately ordered US fighter jets to retreat so the hijackers could reach their targets without interference, despite having the ability to stop attacks.

2. Foreign Governments Know About WTC Attack Plans



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