8 Ways to Maintain Heart Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic, according to Perki Experts

KOMPAS.com Heart disease is one of the health problems that need to be watched out for during the Covid-19 pandemic.

General Chairman of the Center Manager Indonesian Association of Cardiovascular Specialists (Perki), Dr. dr. Isman Firdaus Sp.JP (K), FIHA, FAPSIC, FAsCC, FESC, FACC, FSCAI said that exposure to infections such as Covid-19 can worsen heart disease.

“Covid-19 can trigger a worsening of cardiovascular disease, such as relapsing coronary heart disease and chronic heart failure,” explained Isman, through a press release received Kompas.com, Monday (27/9/2021).

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According to reports, an average of 16.3 percent of patients treated in Covid-19 isolation rooms in hospitals have congenital or comorbid heart and blood vessel disease.

In addition, the death rate from heart attacks also increased by around 16 percent during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Before the pandemic it was reported that the average death rate in hospitals due to heart attacks was eight percent. However, during the pandemic the number rose between 22-23 percent,” he said.

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8 Ways to Maintain Heart Health during the Covid-19 Pandemic, according to Perki Experts

The Central Board of the Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association (Perki) shared how to maintain heart health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Central Board of the Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association (Perki) shared recommendations for preventing and tackling cardiovascular disease for healthy people and people with heart disease during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following how to maintain heart health During the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • Stop smoking and avoid exposure to cigarette smoke
  • Implement strict health protocols by maintaining a safe distance from others, wearing masks properly, diligently washing hands with soap and running water or using hand sanitizer, limiting mobility, and avoiding eating together
  • Immediate vaccination for Covid-19 after consulting and getting a doctor’s recommendation
  • Take advantage of the teleconsultation facility from the hospital or clinic when you feel a health problem
  • Actively move and exercise regularly according to the ability of the heart and body. For sufferers or people at risk for heart disease, consult a doctor regarding the right type of exercise
  • Maintain a healthy diet by eating high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables, reducing sugar consumption, limiting salt, and reducing bad fats
  • For people with heart disease, have a history of heart disease, or are at risk for heart disease, make sure to regularly take disease control drugs according to schedule
  • Monitor and control cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, rheumatic heart disease, hypertension, heart valve disorders, heart rhythm disorders, and heart disease in children by consulting a cardiologist and blood vessel specialist

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Secretary General of the Central Executive Board of Perki Dr. dr. Dafsah Arifa Juzar, Sp.JP(K) reminded all parties to work hand in hand to prevent heart disease.

“It is important to raise awareness about heart disease, not only for ourselves but also for those around us,” said Dafsah.



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