8 thrillers that top the popularity chart

HBO Spain has brought to our country all the content of remarkable quality how much has marked the trajectory of this American cable television network. Its 30 most popular films serve as a reference for users to detect what is trending on the platform, thus being able to enjoy the fashionable works at all times.

Week after week, HBO Spain’s Top 30 is being renewed, making way for new films that generate an impact on streaming. However, sagas like ‘Harry Potter’ or the movie ‘Diary of a nympho’ They seem to have taken root on this list, succeeding with no sight of disappearing from the popularity index. Now, if there is a genre that has triumphed in recent days, that has been the thriller: addictive films of better or worse quality that, regardless of the opinion of the critics, have generated a furor on HBO Spain.


Clint Eastwood may have left an unforgettable legacy as an actor; however, it has been his career as a director that has led him to the highest glory of the seventh art. Many of the works by this emblematic filmmaker enjoy an impeccable technique that, drawing directly from the classic structure, have cemented an overwhelming dramatic tone. ‘Mula’ is one of his most recent films, in which he himself plays an old man who, faced with an economic crisis, finds himself involved in a drug trafficking plot.

‘Actually, you were never here’

Before winning the Oscar for best actor with his portrayal of Joker, Joaquin Phoenix starred in this thriller in which he plays an ex-marine who is dedicated to rescuing sexually exploited women. The film won notable recognition at major film festivals, even taking home the best actor and best screenplay award at Cannes.. A feature film with a personal technique, marked by the subtlety in the dialogues that fits perfectly with the type of content on HBO Spain.

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‘Open Source’

Noomi Rapace and Orlando Bloom star in this action film that, after being beaten by expert opinion, becomes highly relevant in streaming with HBO Spain. An entertaining film that collects all the ingredients of the genre, telling the story of a CIA agent facing the terrorist threat of a chemical bomb about to explode in London. Without a doubt, a perfect film for not thinking and not questioning its quality.

Hunter Killer. Hunting in the deep ‘

A native of South Africa, Norman Marsh has made the international leap to Hollywood – as did Neil Blomkamp – and entered the adrenaline rush inherent in action movies. A maritime adventure in which a submarine captain, played by Gerard Butler, leads a rescue mission to save the Russian president. If you are a fan of this actor’s cinema, this film will be one more for your collection, following the trajectory of the interpreter; if not, the best thing to do is go to the next on the list of popular on HBO Spain.


Luke Scott has spent years trying to fill a position in the Hollywood industry; however, the long shadow of his father, Ridley Scott, will always be by his side. However, His first and only feature film, ‘Morgan’, has obtained a great impact in recent months within streaming of our country. A tape that drinks from ‘Alien, the eighth passenger’, changing the concept of the extraterrestrial threat for that of an android. Although it did not succeed in its day, but it served as the young director’s first declaration of intent.

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Once the health pandemic swept the world, Steven Soderbergh’s film became a trend on all platforms. Now, a year after the arrival of the coronavirus, this story about the collective panic in the face of a health crisis is still as valid as the first day. Its dangerous similarity to reality has positioned it as one of the most relevant films of 2020 -9 years after its premiere- and the director is already preparing a sequel.


Bringing together two such admired Hollywood stars as Will Smith and Margot Robbie in the same film could only promise sheer unbridled entertainment. ‘Focus’ was exactly what was expected of a film of these characteristics -unlike ‘Suicide Squad’- and, despite not being the best film of the genre, it will undoubtedly mean a funniest Saturday afternoon.


We close the review of the most popular thrillers of HBO Spain with the threat of the end of the world. Again we find Gerard Butler on the list, starring a tape about a storm that promises to destroy the planet, while a conspiracy unfolds to assassinate the president of the United States. A convergence between ‘Target: The White House’ and the recently released ‘Greenland’.

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