8 giant size dinosaurs, some reach 40 meters


Nowadays, animals such as elephants, blue whales, rhinos or hippos are considered large. However, compared to some dinosaurthese animals can still lose in size.

Many dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, about 252 to 66 million years ago, were much more massive in weight and length.

The largest dinosaurs of their time were the sauropods, a group of four-legged herbivorous species with long necks and tails. Within this group of species is a subgroup of sauropods called the Titanosauria. They are the largest sauropods.

Titanosaurus itself lived during Earth’s Cretaceous Period, about 145 million to 66 million years ago. Here are some titanosaurs, the giant dinosaurs, of various sizes.

8 giant dinosaurs

1. Dreadnoughts

One of the super giant dinosaurs is Dreadnoughtus. This creature is about 26 meters long and weighs about 65 tons.

Dreadnoughtus fossils found in deposits of southern Patagonia, Argentina. It is estimated that this animal originated from 77 million years ago.

2. Patagotic Mayum

Due to its enormous size, Patagotitan mayorum was initially known only as Titanosaurus.

Long dinosaur it is estimated to be 37.2 meters long and weigh 77 tons. Even so, quoted by the Encyclopaedia Britannica, even a number of researchers believe this estimate is too high.

Patagotitan mayorum is estimated to have lived between 100 million and 95 million years ago.

3. Argentinosaurus

Initial evidence of Argentinosaurus was found in 1987 on a farm in Argentina. Although a complete skeleton has not been found, Argentinosaurus is estimated to have been 37 to 40 meters long and weighed 99 to 110 tons.

4. Saltasaurus

Saltasaurus is named after the city of Salta in northern Argentina. This is the area where Saltasaurus fossils were found.

This dinosaur is considered not too big. It weighs about 7.7 tons and is 12.2 to 12.8 meters long.

5. Rapetosaurus krausei

The fossil of a Rapetosaurus krausei was found by researchers on a hill in northern Madagascar in 1998. The juvenile skeleton of this animal was 8 meters long.

While no adult skeleton has been found, experts estimate that adult Rapetosaurus krausei was 15 meters long.

6. Austroposeidon magnificent

In 1953, parts of the partial vertebrae and ribs of Austroposeidon magnificus were recovered from a suburb of São Paulo. However, these fossils sat in museums for more than 60 years before researchers had the resources to study them.

Fossils show that an adult Austroposeidon magnificus was 25 meters long. They lived between 84 million and 66 million years ago.

7. Paralytic stromeres

Fossils of Paralititan stromeri have been excavated 300 kilometers south of Cairo, Egypt. Information about this dinosaur was first revealed in 2001.

Estimates of the length and weight of this dinosaur range between 25 and 30.5 meters and between 66 and 83 tons. This creature lived in mangrove swamps in the middle Cretaceous period about 94 million years ago.

8. Shingopana songwensis

Shingopana songwensis is thought to have lived 100 million to 70 million years ago. Dinosaur This is actually relatively small compared to other giant dinosaurs.

Shingopana Songwensis is about 8 meters long and weighs 5.5 tons.

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