8 differences New Honda Vario 125, to know before buying


Make the wait New Honda Vario 125I’m curious, are there any differences from the previous generation? Please note that there are three newer Honda Vario types being marketed, namely the CBS, CBS-ISS and CBS-ISS SP.

“Honda Vario 125 is equipped with the latest sporty design, various features and advanced technology that we incorporate to support ride comfort and provide satisfaction to the community. As the most efficient scooter in its class, we strive to provide added value that supports the rider activity, “said Keiichi Yasuda, President, Honda Motor Director of Astra.

In fact, the changes from the New Honda Vario 125 are not as radical as the Vario 160. In general, the New Honda Vario 125 has more features that support mobility.


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1. Honda Vario 125 design

The new Honda Vario 125 in general still maintains the design of the previous generation by adopting the V shape in the front area. It’s just that some new curves have been made on the side wings at the rear to support the sporty impression. In addition, the front top cover of the Honda Vario 125 now also looks cooler.

The new Honda Vario 125 is launched by 22 million IDR Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

2. New wheels

If you look closely, the wheels of the New Honda Vario 125 are also new. The appearance now adopts a wheel design similar to the Vario 150. In addition, the differences are also from a technical point of view, especially in the area of ​​the front wheel because it is equipped with a new disc brake.

“The front wheels are the same size, the star design, the disc position is different. If the old one was 4-bolt, this is 5-bolt. The tires are wider too. The rear ones are the same too, they change. , both the width of the distance and the width of the tires “, said the technical service division of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Endro Sutarno when it met on the sidelines of a test ride for the New Vario 125.

3. Wider tires

The tire size of the New Vario 125 is now 10 mm wider. In the front area the dimensions are 90/80, while the rear tire size is 100/80. The two tires cover the 14-inch alloy wheels.

New Honda Vario 125 launches from IDR 22 millionThe new Honda Vario 125 is launched by 22 million IDR Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

4. Front disc disc

The Honda Vario 125 disc or disc is now following in the footsteps of the Honda sports bike. The design carries a wavy or wavy disc brake.

5. Fitur Smart Key system

The Smart Key System function can be obtained on the CBS-ISS and CBS-ISS SP variants. In addition to not using a key, this system also features an anti-theft alarm to prevent theft. There is also an answering system feature, so you don’t have to worry if you forget where to park.

6. USB charging console box

Interestingly, the latest Honda Vario 125 is now equipped with USB Charge Type A. This function is to charge the smartphone battery when it runs low. Its location is on the left side console which is accompanied by a cover.

New Honda Vario 125 launches from IDR 22 millionUSB charging console box Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang / detikOto

7. Rear view

The seventh difference is in the rearview mirror. The rear view mirror design of the Honda Vario 125 is now integrated with the overall body design that carries the sporty concept.

New Honda Vario 125New Honda Vario 125 Rearview mirror Photo: Astra Honda Motor

8. CVT improvisation

If the engine area is not updated, the alias is still the same as charging a 125cc liquid-cooled engine with ESP technology. On paper this machine can spit out 8.2 kW (11.1 hp) of power at 8,500 rpm and 10.8 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm.

Honda claims that the new Honda Vario 125 is the most fuel efficient scooter in its class up to 51.7 km / liter WMTC method (EURO 3, ISS ON).

Endro explained that his group also touched the CVT area to reduce vibrations.

“If there is a change to reduce vibration, it is as if the design of the outer plate has changed. The changes are there,” he said.

Price and variant

The new Honda Vario 125 appears with the use of the last strip with a touch of color of the titanium rims and matte color for the CBS-ISS SP variant, namely Advance Matte White and Advance Matte Blue.

Also presented is a new striped display for the CBS-ISS Advance Matte Black type with embedded 3D emblem for the Vario lettering which makes it look sportier.

The CBS type is available in two color variants, namely Sporty Black and Sporty Red.

The new type Honda Vario 125 CBS is marketed for Rp. 22,350,000 (On The Road Jakarta), the CBS-ISS type is marketed for Rp. 24,000,000 (On The Road Jakarta), while the CBS-ISS SP type is marketed for Rp. 24,250,000 (On The Road). Jakarta Road).

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