8 delicious fruits that are good for diabetics and don’t make blood sugar spike, says dr Saddam

PRFMNEWS – Health expert Dr Saddam Ismail explain 8 types of fruit that can help sufferers diabetes agar blood sugar not soaring.

8 types fruitThis fruit is quite safe for sufferers diabetes because it will not increase kagar blood sugarbecause it contains a low glycemic index.

A number of fruitFruits are known to contain high sugar and cannot be consumed in excess by sufferers diabetes because it can raise blood sugar levels.

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Therefore this time dr Saddam Ismail will discuss 8 types fruit– good fruit for sufferers diabetes. Here’s the explanation as quoted from the YouTube channel Saddam Ismail.

1. Call

Fruit call known to be rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, rich in fiber and of course suitable for sufferers diabetes.

Especially fruit call is one that contains a low glycemic index, which is not up to 55.

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