8| damages to you what happens to your body when you eat beans, taste daily

05:00 pm

Friday 19 June 2020

Written – Shima Anchorage:

Not hardly the breakfast of the presence of bean dishes and flavour on the table, and thought a lot of people to this breakfast gives them energy and focus, add to a sense of satiety throughout the day.

In the following report, the review “CareerBuilder” damage, what happens to the body when you eat beans and taste a day, according to Dr. Syed Hammad nutrition consultant with the National Institute of development:

1 – consumption of falafel and beans daily and in large quantities, lead to a lack of diversity of food sources, and thus do not benefit the body from getting some of the vitamins and minerals found in other foods such as cheese and eggs, so it’s best to breathe at breakfast.

2 – incidence of health problems, such as schools, due to; the rates on the high levels of the compound purine, and therefore dependable on a daily basis, lead to high uric acid in the blood.

3 – the likelihood of developing kidney stones, particularly uric acid stones acid.

4 – peel the beans difficult to digest, leading to make gastrointestinal a lot of effort in digestion, and causes bloating and indigestion.

5 – affects the colon and causes disorders and bloating.

6 – lead assault on the falafel in large quantities on a daily basis to increase weight, as a result of gaining more calories, due to the saturation of its increase during frying.

7 – buy a falafel from the outside knows the Human lot of damage, because you know her a little in the oil more than once in the high temperature, what leads to be the substances called “hydrocarbons”, which are carcinogenic substances pose a significant risk to human health.

8 – know the falafel to increase the continuous frying with high temperature, leads to be trans fat by a big margin, and is considered among the harmful fats which cause immune deficiency and exposure to diseases cancer.

Advised “HN”, the beans, taste for breakfast once or twice or three in a week, with the need to not be extravagant in eating large amounts.

He continued that it’s better for the housewife to prepare the Falafel House, in addition to the not wasteful in the amount of oils used during frying, and besides, the war on eating green leafy vegetables and fresh by her side, to minimize its damage.


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