8 Beautiful and Easy Care Leaves Ornamental Plants

Jakarta, Kompas.com – Caution Decorative plants Now there is an epidemic trend in society.

Work on home policy (Work from home/ WFH) spent a lot of time at home used for hobbies, including caring for ornamental plants. Some Types of ornamental plants Become popular and wanted.

Call this the pierced widow or Monstera, Alocasia, to Galatia. Common to all, that is Decorative plant leaves Beauty.

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Well, for those who like to maintain ornamental plants, here are 8 beautiful leaf ornamental plants that are easy to maintain House design, Sunday (22/11/2020).

1. Chinese Cash Factory

Bilia pepperomiods In addition, Chinese monot plants have a distinctive leaf shape. The leaves of this plant are round like coins with straight stems, making them an attractive home decoration.

This plant can grow quickly by watering it once a week depending on the temperature of the house. Chinese money mills prefer to be in bright areas, but not exposed to direct sunlight.

SHUTTERSTOCK / A-PHOTOGRAPHYY Chinese ornamental cash factory.

2. The silver dollar factory

If you are looking for an ornamental plant that can withstand arid conditions, succulent plants like the silver dollar plant or Xerosicyos danguyi Maybe it could be an option. However, this plant requires a pot with good drainage.

Place this plant in an area that is exposed to direct sunlight.

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