7 secrets in the life of Amy Adams

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The American site The Things has revealed 7 secrets about the life of Hollywood star Amy Adams (48 years old):
1: Her dream was to become a ballerina and she stated her wish for her daughter to become a ballerina.
2: She learned to sew clothes while filming the movie “Doubt”, and loves to acquire skills.
3: American singer Whitney Houston claimed that Amy doesn’t like her singing style.
4: Amy was born in Italy to American parents, has 6 siblings and lived in Colorado.
5: Before the art world, he worked for several weeks in a famous restaurant, and bought a used car.
6: She struggled to be on stage all her life, and then she was able to put on wonderful shows.
7: Participated in a vocal performance in the animated film “The Underdog” in 2007.

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