7 Safe Outdoor Activities to Do when New Normal


JAKARTA – There is pandemic Covid-19 does not necessarily stop all fun activities. Regardless of the changes in habits that occur, you can still enjoy various activities outdoor. This activity has been shown to have a lower risk of spreading the virus than indoor activities.

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Summarized from Mayo Clinic, virus Covid-19 it is mainly spread from person to person through fluids released into the air when speaking, coughing, or sneezing. So, when indoors, you are more likely to inhale this fluid from an infected person, especially if you are in close proximity.

Meanwhile, when outdoors, fresh air is constantly moving and changing to help disperse this liquid so it is less likely to be inhaled. Interestingly, being outdoors also offers another advantage, which is to help release any stress or stress you have.

Here are some outdoor activities SINDOnews quote from Pegipegi, as a reference for activities that can be done with the family.

1. Visit the Park Around the House

There are many fun activities you can do around the house, such as visiting a park. In the park, you can do various activities. For example, walking, running, cycling, roller skating, and fishing. When in the park, avoid busy sidewalks and narrow paths and choose a route that makes it easy for you to keep your distance.

2. Picnic to the City Forest or Tea Plantation


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