7 Russian warplanes destroyed, Ukraine silenced


Satellite imagery from Planet Labs shows the Russian military-administered Saky Air Base in Crimea being scorched by a series of explosions. Ukraine has so far remained silent. Photo/Planet Labs PBC

CRIMEA – A series of massive explosions last Tuesday destroyed the Air Base Crimea military run Russia . Recent reports from satellite imagery say seven Moscow warplanes were destroyed.

Citing reports CNNFriday (12/8/2022), in addition to seven Russian warplanes destroyed, an explosion at Saky Air Base, Crimea, also left one person dead.

Some of the planes that were destroyed included Su-24 and Su-30 bombers.

The Russian Defense Ministry insisted the barrage of explosions was caused by stored ammunition and not the result of any attack.

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Satellite imagery also showed the explosion burned some of the vegetation around the air base.

Other reports from BBC said the runway at the base was intact despite being rocked by several explosions.

The satellite image was released by United States-based Planet Labs.

William Alberque, an expert on defense issues, told BBC that the three buildings that were also damaged by the explosions may have been used to temporarily store weapons.

Alberque called it a targeted attack, but Ukraine so far still silent or have not claimed responsibility.

The air base is located 225 kilometers behind the front lines of Russian combat forces. It is close to the seaside resorts of Novofedorivka and Saky, but the Russian tour operator association said they did not appear to be affected.

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