7 Hero Mobile Legends Ill at Early-Game, Best of June 2020!

Ilustrasi hero Luo Yi. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

Hitekno.com – Game Mobile Legends divided into three main times, i.e. early-game, mid-game, until late-game. To play fast, usually the team will pick hero best to have Damage hurt in early-game.

We will give recommendation 7 hero Mobile Legends with Damage in the early game in the June 2020 period.

For opponent heroes who face a hero with Damage in pain in the early-game, they will have difficulty collecting Gold or Junggling.

Opponent heroes are guaranteed to jump back to the base or take shelter under the tower when they encounter this row of heroes.

Early-game is one of the keys to the team’s success in locking victory.

Here are 7 of the best Mobile Legends heroes with massive damage in the early-game period June 2020:

1. Luo Yi

Hero Luo Yi Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

The new Mage Heroes of the Yin and Yang superheroes in the Land of Dawn have an early-game auto-sickness skill.

Luo Yi’s passive skill, Duality, made him gain a shield while leaving Damage deadly to the enemy.

The combination of Dispersion and Rotation makes this hero able to repay enemy HP heroes easily during early-game.

2. Selena

Hero Selena Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Hero Selena Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

This hybrid hero between Assassin and Mage can make opponents inconvenience both in early to late-game.

The “catfishman” can kill Marksman heroes in just two to three attacks.

Primal Darkness and also the “catfish” Abyssal Arrow make Selena have the ability to kill at the same time giving the Stun effect long enough to the hero Marksman or Mage.

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3. Terizla

Hero Terizla Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)
Hero Terizla Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

Terizla is a Fighter hero who is equipped with the effects of deadly spam skills at the beginning of the game.

The extra large hammer in his hand poses a real threat to Mage and Marksman during early-game.

Spam skill two, his Execution Strike becomes a separate PR for the opposing hero.

4. Esmeralda

Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)
Hero Esmeralda Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

This Mage-Tank hybrid hero is really troublesome if he has already rioted in the opponent’s Jungle.

Falling Starmoon and his Frostmoon Shield can make Esmeralda have a defense as well as a deadly attack at the beginning of the game.

If your opponent’s hero has been hit by a Stardust Dance spam, then their blood can be drained quickly.

5. Lylia

Hero Lylia Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)
Hero Lylia Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

Lylia is a Mage hero who can push towers fast enough.

His deadly Shadow Energy skill during the early game makes the opponent’s hero quite reluctant when close to Lylia.

The Gloom Monster next to Lylia can produce a deadly Attack Wave at the beginning of the game.

6. X-borg

Hero X.borg Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)
Hero X.borg Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

Fire spray from this one hero Fighter can be used to run away at once in installments to the opponent’s HP.

Not only sick in early-game, X-borg is one of the best off-laner heroes with quite high durability.

His Fire Missiles skill is very troublesome especially for the Marksman hero.

7. Cecilion

Hero Cecilion Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)
Hero Cecilion Mobile Legends. (HiTekno.com)

Cecilion is a Mage hero with a painful Burst Damage effect since early-game.

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His Sanguin Claws and Bat Impact skills can make Marksman die in just two to three strikes.

If the main item is ready, the power of the Blood Demon in his Feast Bats is very dangerous even for hero fighters or tankers.

That was the 7 Mobile Legends heroes with massive damage in the early-game period June 2020, interested in using it?


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