7 Habits That Cause Kidney Failure, Usually Done Everyday

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Kidney failure so one disease kidney most feared. To prevent this, you can avoid the habits that cause failure kidney following.

Kidney failure is a condition when the kidneys are damaged. As a result, the kidneys cannot function properly.

In fact, the kidneys have many important roles for the body. One of the most important is to cleanse the blood of toxic substances before flowing throughout the body.



People with kidney failure conditions must undergo grueling treatment. One of them is the process of dialysis or blood washing from toxins that must be done regularly.

Habits Cause Kidney Failure

The most common causes of kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. However, sometimes this condition also occurs quickly due to unexpected causes.

You need to avoid some of the following habits that cause kidney failure. You do this habit without realizing it.

The following cites various sources.

1. Eating too much protein

Animal protein produces high amounts of acid in the blood. Quotes HealthshotsThis condition can cause acidosis or a condition in which the kidneys are unable to eliminate acid optimally. This can have a negative impact on kidney damage.

2. Consume too much salt

Illustration. Too much salt intake, one of the habits that cause kidney failure. (iStockphoto/artisteer)-

High sodium intake can increase blood pressure. High blood pressure is known as one of the main risk factors for kidney failure.

Studies in Italy found that too much salt can have a direct impact on kidney tissue by inducing hypertrophy or fibrosis. Too much salt is also known to cause kidney stones.

3. Frequent consumption of painkiller drugs

Headaches or toothaches may be relieved with medicine painkiller or pain reliever. However, taking too much medicine painkiller be one of the causes of kidney failure.

4. Consumption of processed foods

It’s no secret, processed foods can have a negative impact on almost all organs of the body. Processed foods are rich in sodium and phosphorus which can cause kidney disease.

5. Lack of sleep

Kidney function is also regulated by the wake-sleep cycle which helps coordinate the workload of the organ for 24 hours. Research has found that lack of sleep is linked to a more rapid decline in kidney function.

6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages

A number of studies have found that excessive alcohol intake can increase the risk of kidney disease.

Experts agree that alcohol causes changes in kidney function that impair their ability to filter blood. Alcohol also has an impact on high blood pressure which is a risk factor for kidney failure.

7. Drink less

Quoting pages National Kidney Foundation, being well hydrated helps the kidneys to clear sodium and toxins from the body. Meeting fluid needs is one way to prevent kidney disease.

Adults are advised to get 2 liters of water per day.

Those are some habits that cause kidney failure. In order for the kidneys to stay healthy, immediately change the habits above.


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