7 Great Things the Reno4 F Can Do Thanks to ColorOS 7.2

Telset.id, Jakarta – Along with the introduction of the Oppo Reno4, Oppo also presents the latest version of its Android variation, ColorOS 7.2. This new interface is said to provide a new experience for users thanks to the unique features it brings. Let’s just say a smoother design, more organized files, and better multitasking.

But of course, software alone is not enough. It’s not without reason that Oppo has made the Reno4 series the first device to adopt ColorOS 7.2. At least, this series is indeed proven to be better than its predecessors. Oppo Reno4 F for example. It may be the most affordable in this series, but that doesn’t mean the performance is unreliable.

Apart from the MediaTek Helio P95 support, 4,000 mAh battery, or Android 10, the presence of ColorOS 7.2 also plays an equally crucial role. Here Reno4 F can be proud, because it allows him to do more things.

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From presenting a minimalist and intuitive design to providing a better experience while watching Netflix, here are 7 great things we can do on the Oppo Reno4 F thanks to ColorOS 7.2.

Infinite Edge Design

ColorOS 7 introduces a more minimalistic design and an intuitive interface that brings the user experience to the next level. The new ColorOS icon features thinner lines, an improved stylish design with better legibility.

In fact, users can customize their ColorOS 7 by selecting from one of three exclusively designed icon sets including the Rectangle (rectangle), Pebble (pebble), and Material styles. Users can also adjust the size, shape and arrangement of applications on the Home screen.

Mode Multi-User

This mode helps users keep their personal files and data safe by allowing them to create up to five independent “user spaces” with different permission levels for users, sub-users, and visitors. Every user space is password protected to maintain user privacy.

OSIE Ultra Clear Visual Effect

Oppo’s Screen Image Engine (OSIE) improves video saturation and contrast for clearer visuals on third-party video applications.

Artist Wallpaper Project

Through this feature, users can get access to amazing wallpapers designed by artists from global art agencies that have been created based on themes including Purity, Nature, Geometry, Culture, Life and Future.

Dark Mode

This feature allows the Reno4 F to make the eyes comfortable even if you have to stare at the smartphone all day long. Here the dark mode has been improved to include an adjustable time to activate or deactivate the mode, while reducing battery consumption.

Quick Return Bubble

Through this one feature, users can minimize their mobile games or even lifestyle apps and monitor the status of the app in a floating bubble on the home screen. These bubbles can later be reopened with just one tap.

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For Netflix lovers, the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) feature that ColorOS 7.2 also carries may be of great help. Through this feature, the Reno4 F can transmit copyrighted HD videos to the big screen. Supported applications include Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video.

That’s all in addition to some of the other excellent features including the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor, AI App Preloading, and Super Power Saving Mode.

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