7 facts about accidental cars on the JORR toll road that in-laws become victims


The Toyota Calya car with the tested number F-1303-RS Accident at Km 5 + 800 JORR toll, Kembangan, West Jakarta. The car with 6 people who were a family resulted in the deaths of two people on the spot.

The fatal accident occurred on Monday (26/9) around 08:30 WIB. Calya’s car was destroyed after hitting the back of the truck, causing it to overturn at the scene.

Two of the dead were the in-laws and son of Agus Kristianto (50), Toyota Calya driver. The driver of the car, his wife and two other children were reportedly injured.


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Here are the facts of the accident that killed 2 victims which are summarized detik.comTuesday (27/9/2022) as follows:

1) Accident on the JORR toll road: in-laws and children killed

Calya’s car is known to carry 6 family members. Accident killed mother-in-law and son by Agus Kristianto.

“Yes, her mother (mother-in-law) is a driver. Anyway, she is a woman in her 60s who is AR. The girl (SY) is still young, born in 2009,” said the head of the traffic unit of West Jakarta Metro Police AKP Hartono when contacted, Monday (9/26/2022).

The two victims killed were Ade Arkani (68) and Syafira (22). Hartono at the same time straightened out the information about the driver’s wife who was said to have died in the previous statement.

“His wife was also injured but not (she died). He was just injured,” Hartono said.

2) Accident on the JORR toll road: driver injured

Apart from the death toll, The accident resulted in the injury of 4 other people, namely Agus, his wife Fany Indriany (45) and their two children.

“Agus’s first child (who has died), second and third children are being treated. Pak Agus and his son Amara, they (the injuries) are quite serious. His wife and third child have minor injuries,” he said. said.

The following is the identity of the victim of the accident on JORR Toll Road based on Sugeng’s statement:

1. The driver, husband named Agus Kristianto (50), was injured
2. His wife named Fany Indriany (45) was injured
3. First daughter, Shafira Bunga Agfary, dies (22).
4. The second daughter, Amara Kalifa Ashafa (11), was injured
5. The third son, Naeema Dahayu Mentari (3), was injured
6. Agus’s mother-in-law, Ade Arkani (68), has died.

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