7 Eating Habits That Make Bad Cholesterol Rise


Eating habits can cause bad cholesterol to rise. Many people are aware of the risks associated with having high cholesterol, including the risk of stroke. Photo/Eat This

JAKARTA Eating habit can cause bad cholesterol ride. Many people are aware of the risks associated with having high cholesterol , including an increased risk of stroke, but some do not know how to lower or manage levels thereby increasing the risk for some unpleasant outcomes.

While drugs and exercise can definitely help lower blood levels cholesterol In some cases, food choices can have a profound impact as well. There are some less obvious eating habits that have a negative impact on cholesterol levels that are practiced every day.

If you’re trying to manage cholesterol levels through food choices, here are seven eating habits that can make bad cholesterol rise.

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1. Focus on the amount of cholesterol on food labels

Eating low-cholesterol foods is believed to lower high cholesterol. However, nutritionist Sarah Pflugrad, MS, RDN, CSCS says there’s not enough evidence that reducing dietary cholesterol affects blood cholesterol. Instead, he suggests focusing on reducing saturated fat and increasing fiber intake to reduce cholesterol levels.

“In fact, the data around this link are so weak that these recommendations are no longer included in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” Sarah said.

2. Diet Yo-Yo

Losing weight, gaining it back, and repeating this pattern over and over again can lead to an adverse effect on cardiovascular risk. It is best to follow a sustainable weight management plan and stick to it.

“Adults, particularly women, who cycle their weight through diet tend to have poorer good cholesterol and bad cholesterol profiles according to NHANES data when compared to adults who remain stable in weight even at higher weights,” says nutritionist Cara Harbstreet, MS, RD, LD.

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