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If they officially started on Wednesday, the sales on Amazon are still active this Sunday morning. The e-commerce giant has decided to offer another weekend of good deals for this weekend. If you have not yet been able to consult the deals, we have prepared the most important for you below. The selection contains offers from Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac.

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Last update: Sunday July 19, 12:15 a.m.

While the sales were originally a Franco-French operation, it is now an ogre from across the Channel which has just taken hold of it. The sales on Amazon are the most generous of all online commerce. If Cdiscount, Fnac or even Darty and La Redoute try to compete, nothing faces the American surge. That said, they occasionally have ultra-convincing deals, like Cdiscount with the new Galaxy S20s.

The sales on Amazon are broken down into two very distinct formats. On the one hand, there are flash offers, and on the other hand, there are continuous promotions. Flash offers are available directly in the section of the same name accessible from the menu of the merchant platform. As for continuous promotions, they are available in the tab dedicated to sales.

What are the differences between flash offers and other promotions? For these sales, Amazon is adding these ephemeral offers which create dynamism among its promotions. These are offers that are limited by the quantities available and by time. In general, they last a maximum of a few hours. And they concern prestigious brands.

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Amazon, the benchmark for these sales

Sales are not just Amazon. Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty are also active in their niches, even if their offers are a little less convincing. That said, it’s worth spending time on each of the merchant sites to discover the deals that each advance. If they position themselves on all themes, some are more competitive than others.

On Amazon, the sales relate to all product categories referenced on the site. You have electronics, large and small household appliances, gardening, DIY or even fashion. Originally, it was precisely this last category that concentrated the sales. Since then, it has evolved well and everyone can find something to it.

You should know that the sales are a fairly unique period of its kind. Behind commercial operations, it is the government that decides the rules so as not to generate unfair competition. And precisely, the sales on Amazon are the only periods when everyone can sell their stock at a loss. Obviously, there are rules, but again, this is the only time merchants can sell below their purchase price.

What interest in that? If Amazon doesn’t have a lot of stock, other merchants have a lot of it. And precisely, the sales allow them to sell their overflow to be able to buy new products. By emptying their warehouses, this allows them to make new stocks of products which will be sold at the end of the year. You can therefore expect even higher discounts for these summer sales, as the pandemic has penalized consumption.

To find out the sales on Amazon, it’s here:

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Why shop now?

As you can see in our selection of sales on Amazon above, the deals are generous. During the year, no promotion period offers such high discount percentages. The sales are really full. And Amazon is very strong at offering deals on premium products, with brands that are very elitist.

This is for example the case on Apple. Since the start of the sales, Amazon has reduced the price of the iPhone 11 Pro, AirPods or MacBook Pro. He did the same on Bose headsets, on Huawei P30 Pro or on DJI drones. His rivals were quick to respond, like Cdiscount which offers an unbeatable reduction on the Samsung Galaxy S20 via its Cdiscount à Volonté program.

On entry-level and mid-range products, Amazon is also present on sales. We can quote for example the Redmi Note 9 and 9 Pro which sell like hotcakes. The smartphone brand of Xiaomi is stormed on the trading platform, its products are among the best sellers in their category. Xiaomi’s Mi Note 10 is also taken by storm.

While the health crisis has penalized consumption for three months, merchants really want to inflate volumes this summer. So you can quickly find deals with -30, -40 or -50% on beautiful brands. If you are looking for older or unbranded products, you can even go up to -70 or -80%. Over the markdowns, you can save a few more euros.

Should we wait for markdowns on Amazon?

During the sales, Amazon does not distinguish markdowns over the weeks that pass. It must be said that markdowns are mostly made on products that really have trouble selling. Amazon focuses on premium products that sell well. It therefore does not need to increase the reduction percentages. It is for this reason that the best deals are available at the start.

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So don’t try to wait. On the first day of the sales, Amazon unveiled its thousands of promotions. The more time passes, the more there are stock shortages. So there is no waiting, because tomorrow may be too late. This Sunday, the merchant platform still has some real nuggets in its bag, but we do not imagine that they will stay next week.

To see the sales, it’s here:

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