7-color Muay Thai fight “Rak-Petchnamchok-Kao Lan-Column” is better

Muay Dee Vithi Thai Fight, PPTV 36, live at 2pm.

Left Nakorn, Prime Minister of Salaya (Win TKO, Yodmorakot, Boonkhomkuenthavorn, round 4 in Omnoi) boxing, rhythmic, skillful, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing in the knee, violent fight, skillfully But the long fight is secondary, losing against Petchbunkerd (Santos Por. Prichachai) Sitbunma (winning TKO Petchpikthit Nengsap Yai, round 4 at Nonthaburi), strong boxer, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing in the knee, fighting violently, always having a fierce fight Over the past 108 years .

Puea Thai Lek, S. Manit Chonburi (wins TKO, Petchnathawee, S. Phong Amorn, round 4 at Nonthaburi), strong boxing, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing in the knee, violent fight All the while, the bone is inferior to Phai Ngern (Sitt JM) Sor Sarinya (points lost to Kwang Phet Young Bang Kradi in Nonthaburi) boxing, kicking, punching, punching, kneeling, wrestling, violent, more than a fun game, 103 years old.

Wutudej Teeded 99 (Win points of Kaew Kla Kaewsamrit at Don Muang) Muay Kham Kaeng kicks and punches, knees and fights. Intense, with constant aggression as well as winning Petchphayathai (S. Nakhon Tum), Sang Morakot (victory points, Phichitchai (Phet Hua Hin, Por Petchkhai Kaew), S. Wichit Mueang Paew Riew in Nonthaburi), rhythmic boxing skills, kicks, fists, kneeling The elbow is precise, intense, intelligent, fresh, but the knee is lower in the last 127 years.

Duen Jitmuangnon (lost by Luknimit, Young Bangkradi in Songkhla) Boxing, high, long, strong, kicking, punching. Punches, stabbed knees, violent fight, has strong fight, but bone is inferior, will lose to Magnum (Saenchai Noi Nithipat Lawyer) Bangkok Parts Yont (lost Victory SSS Toi Paed Riew score to Nonthaburi) rhythmic boxing skills , kicks, punches, punches, stabs. elbow to knee Accurate, intense, intelligent play, over 130 years of fun.

Muay Thai fight 7 colors, Channel 7, live at 2.30pm

Column (Pranchai) Watermelon Gym (wins a Kaenphet Diamond 98 score in Rondon) Muay Kham Kaeng, kicks, punches, stabs, knees, elbows, fights violently, fights violently in front of the mat, is stronger, claps, will win Petch ( Sor. Suchada) Suan Luang Tok Yok (Winning points Saen Kla Young Bangkradi on color TV 7) Strong boxer kicks, punches, stabs, stabs, knees, fights Intense, intense all the time, but in front of the mat, cheering is a kind of fun subordinated to 110 years.

Kao Lan, Sor. Dan Rayong (wins points, draws with Singha, Luk Chao Pho Luang Wang at TV 7), rhythmic boxing, kicks, punches, knees, elbows, wrestling, violently, must conquer the F 16 Kaen Norasing Muay Thai (lost TK O Silaphet Por Petchkaikaew, round 2 at Bang Kapi), rhythmic boxing, kicking, punching, stabbing, kneeling, violent wrestling, but the sarcasm is for the past 120 years.

Petchnamchok, Sor. Jor.Tongprachin (Wins Aliev S. Dechaphan on Color TV 7) Muay Boot, Trood kicks leg, punches rubber, punches, stabs knee, elbow, fights violently, has strong streak in whole body, it is tighter than it will win Chakdao (Wissanukon) Petchkiat Petch (points lost Patakphet VK Khao Yai in Phuket) Old boxer, kicking, punching, kneeling, elbowing, wrestling, violent, veteran of the game, but the state of Sangkan is the latest in 117-year-old Funny Guy.

Defend the Muay Thai super flyweight champion Rak Erawan (Winning Chomhoad Eminent Air points on color TV 7) Skill of boxing, kicking, punching, punching, kneeling, elbowing, wrestling, violent, smart, square, best, Rajdet TN will win. Muay Thai (Choosub S. Sala Cheep Thodon score won.) Rhythmic boxing, skilled in kicking, punching, punching, stabbing knees, elbows, accurate, intense, intelligent, but the square figure is less than the odd pair type 115 years.

Battle of Chang Muay Thai, Amarin 34, live broadcast, 5pm

Kong Pranchai (Jamessak Petsomnuek wins at Rondon) High boxing, long blows, kicks, punches, punches, stabs, knees, wrestling, violently, fresh form, always has a strong sense of humor, Mekkhala S. Salacheep will win (lose to Manatchai Sor Chokmeechai in Bangkapi) rhythmic boxing skills, kicking, punching, punching, knee stabbing, violent fighting, smart but sarcastic, is the last 111 years.

Muay Thai Light Flyweight Championship at Rajadamnern Stadium, Petchpanom Sor Salacheep (wins Petchdendong, Wor. Wannathawee on TV 7), rhythmic boxing, kicking, punching, stabbing, stabbing, stabs, blows to the knee But strong to be less than defeat against Sing Dam Yutsurat (Petchrit points wins, Nok Khao km.11 in Bangkapi) Strong boxing kicks, punches, punches, knees, fights, violent strikes, more than the last, fun again 108 years.

Sangthian Sitnoomnoi (wins TKO, Mawin, Huai Tom Sports Center, round 2 on color TV 7) Muay Sung, long, grueling, kicks, punches, knees, elbows, fights, violently, fresh form, always fights hard, Decho Por Borirak will win (won Petchrapha Sor score. Sophit in Surat Thani) Strong boxer, kicking, punching, punching, stabbing in the knee, wrestling, violent blows, fights of all kinds, having to win 123 years.

Defend the Muay Thai bantamweight championRatchadamnoen Stadium Petchmongkol Huai Tom Sports Center (Pon Pranchai points lost to color TV 7) Boxing boots, Trood kicks, punches, punches, knees, elbows, fights, violently, mentally fought, always has a strong will to win Wan Win (Wanmawin Phumphanmuang ) Chao Pho Rong Tom (Petchnam Ngam wins, Kiat Phaitphan on Color TV 7) Boxing, rhythm, skill, kicks, punches, knee stabs, precise, violent, intelligent, good, but prolonged battles collapsed at the end of 118 years .

Chai, teacher student Bie

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