7 Best Hero Counter Split Push in Mobile Legends (ML) Season 19

For those of you who haven’t realized it, the patch on Tuesday 5 yesterday was just Moonton buff minions and siege (cart) to become thicker and sicker. Now you can’t ignore the minions that try to shoot your turret anymore because they can be destroyed quickly.

This makes sidelane or offlane heroes who can do split pushes and quickly collapse the turret into a dangerous threat. Several followers @spin_esports already told me that they lost ridiculous to split push and were shocked that their turret was destroyed so quickly.

We estimate that this split push strategy can also be a strategy that will be widely used by the team at M2. Then what is an effective way to fight this split push strategy? Here the author will give 6 Mobile Legends (ML) heroes who are best in counteracting the split push strategy.

1. Ling

Photo via: Mobile Legends

Ling with his 1st skill can jump from wall to wall. So that Ling is one of the fastest heroes in preventing the opponent’s hero from trying to split push secretly by flying into the lane.

Regen Ling’s energy was also recently buffed in the last January 5th patch. So that it will be easier to jump around the walls without fear of energy running out halfway through.

2. Luo Yi

Skin baru luo yi
photo via ig abyysal mlbb

Luo Yi has the ultimate teleport skill over a long distance. So you can invite your team to enter the teleport circle and pick up opponents who are trying to split push secretly.

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3. Yu Zhong

Yu zhong mobile legends

Yu Zhong has the ultimate in turning into a dragon that can fly quickly and penetrate any wall. This will make Yu Zhong quickly see that the opponent is trying to split push and turn into a dragon to guard the lane.

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4. Have Sun Shin

yi sun shin mobile legends

Yu Sun Shin has the ultimate that can see 1 map clearly. The Ultimate Mountain Shocker will throw a cannon that will target all enemies wherever they are.

Usually the opponent’s hero who tries to split push will do this silently, he will enter the bush a lot so that the enemy is not aware and slowly pushes. So this YSS ulti will make enemies who swear to split push get caught.

5. Zilong

zilong hero anti counter meta mobile legends

Zilong has the ultimate to run very fast. When the opponent is doing a split push, Zilong can finally go to the lane quickly and immediately grab the opponent who is trying to split push.

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6. Chang’e

Lord Thief ML Hero
source : uhdpaper.com

Chang’e is one of the fastest heroes in the clear lane. When the enemy split push with his minion, Chang’e just needs to recall to the base and defense turret base with his ultimate Meteor Shower which will immediately level the wave minions.

7. Aldous

skin free ml

Ultimate Aldous, similar to Yi Sun Shin, will open the entire map and see where the opponent is. Then when you have chosen an opponent to target, Aldous will immediately turn around and head towards the targeted hero. So when an opponent tries to split push, all you have to do is use the ultimate and target the opponent.

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With 7 Mobile Legends (ML) heroes above you can counter opponents who try to do split push. Losing because split push is one of the most annoying defeats, so don’t let your opponent do it! If there are additional heroes, just comment below.

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