7 banks … the euro rose today, Thursday, 1-14-2021 in Egypt

The price of the euro rose again against the pound, today in the beginning of morning trading, and we monitor the euro exchange rate according to the latest bank updates as follows:

National Bank of Egypt

EGP 18.94 to buy, EGP 19.12 to buy.

Mashreq Bank

EGP 18.97 to buy, EGP 19.17 to buy.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

EGP 19.07 to buy, 19.22 pounds to sell.

Bank of Alexandria

EGP 18.98 to buy, 19.21 EGP for sale.

Blom Bank Egypt

EGP 19.04 to buy, 19.22 pounds to buy.

Commercial International Bank

It reached 18.85 pounds for purchase, 19.13 pounds for sale.

Egypt Bank

EGP 19.04 to buy, 19.22 pounds to buy.

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