7 Asteroids Will Pass by Earth, One of them is as Big as the Empire State Building

Suara.com – Asteroid large, the size of the Empire State Building is expected to be “close” to Earth in the coming weeks.

One of them will slide on Wednesday night tomorrow (20/10/2021) local time.

Asteroid 2004 EU 1246 feet tall just a few feet shorter than the Midtown skyscraper, will be 2.6 million miles away on November 13.

From the asteroid heading our way,”1996 VB3“, about 750 feet in diameter, is expected to be closest to Earth, at a distance of just 2.1 million miles, according to NASA’s Near-Earth Object Center.

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It is close in comparison to our nearest neighbor Venus, which is 70 million miles away. It is estimated to be traveling at a speed of about 9 million miles per second.

The appearance of the asteroid will follow the space rock 2021 SM3, which is reported to be hurtling past Earth on Friday (10/22/2021), from a distance of 3.5 million miles.

list asteroid approaching Earth. [NASA]

The space rock, which was only discovered last month, has a diameter of up to 525 feet, larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The Center classifies near-Earth objects as those that come “within 120 million miles of Earth.”

“These are asteroids or comets that have been propelled by the gravitational attraction of nearby planets into orbits that allow them to enter Earth’s environment,” according to NASA.

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According to experts, from the size and speed of these giant space rocks could theoretically cause great damage if they hit Earth.



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