6ix9ine rips its own posters off the streets of New York!

Frustrated by sales of his baptized album Tattle Tales, 6ix9ine tore up its own promotional posters on the streets of New York City.

The one who considers himself on the same level as Tupac Shakur currently going through a bad patch in his musical career. It must be said that Tekashi69 suffered a new defeat after the release of his opus Tattle Tales September 4, 2020. Contrary to what he hoped, or 150,000 copies in the first week, it only sold 53,000. 6ix9ine is thus found in fourth position in the Billboard ranking. Its failure is all the more bitter given that the magazine has not yet implemented its new method to calculate sales. Disappointed, the young rapper therefore decided to tear off his own advertising posters.

According to the new Billboard ranking calculation method, the rainbow haired rapper would have sold only 21,000 copies. The reason ? Only the albums come into play. In other words, its 32,000 sales with concert tickets and T-shirts should not have been taken into account. Faced with this bitter failure, 6ix9ine therefore decided to distribute its CDs in the streets of New York. On another video in which he revealed himself sharing his new opus for free to passers-by, he captioned: “Somehow I’m going to force you to listen to the album since you don’t want to buy it.”

Still on the streets of New York, 6ix9ine never separates from his bodyguards. It must be said that the rapper is absolutely keen to ensure his safety. In this regard, there is a rumor that he is about to acquire a mansion worth $ 3 million. The property indeed houses an underground tunnel so that it can escape in the event of an attack by the Bloods.

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