6ix9ine and Fivio Foreign claim the title of King of New York

The clash is on…

6ix9ine has barely come out of his period of silence when he already claims the throne of New York and wants to become the king of the city again. But Fivio Foreign who is in full light at the moment with the release of his first album “BIBLE” does not agree with Tekashi at all and disputes his ambitions. Without ever naming him, he clashed the multicolored rapper in one of his last tweets. He lists what happened in the big apple just after the release of his opus, on April 8th.

“5 billboards in Times Square, New York’s top 5 songs on Apple Music, and articles in the Daily News and NY Times. Never let that nigga say he’s the king of this town .”

DJ Akademiks reposted Fivio’s tweet on Instagram and 6ix9ine jumped straight to the comments section to chime in while disrespecting Fivio Foreign’s deceased friend, Tdott Woo.

“Didn’t his best friend just get shot in the head a month ago? He was worried about billboards in Times Square…”

Tdott Woo was shot on February 1 in Canarsie near the intersection of East 98th Street and L Avenue and transported to Brookdale Hospital where he died of his injuries.

In an interview with ComplexFivio Foreign played down the idea of ​​wearing the NYC crown because he’s aiming higher and bigger.

“I feel like it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. A guy will claim it, but it doesn’t matter. That’s not the goal I trying to achieve. Are you the king of New York? Well, I’m trying to be the king of the world.”

We are now waiting for 6ix9ine’s response, which should be soon…

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