6,600 euros per month and a company car for this student job – Latina

No, you’re not dreaming. Lotte De Visscher, a 22-year-old Flemish woman, landed the most lucrative student job in the world ! Selected from 1,000 other young people, the young woman is indeed the big winner of a campaign launched by the temporary employment agency Adecco, as the media explains The last news. On his summer program? Be the right arm of the CEO of the company, Nico Reeskens, for the modest sum of 6,600 euros per month with company car. Through this competition, Adecco wished “challenge young people in the skills they need to become a leader of tomorrow” and thus allow them to be “involved in the group’s corporate policy”. “I’m really looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead and I think I can learn a lot here. This experience will certainly add value to my CV”said the young woman, delighted with her golden job.

To get this mission, the young woman had to pass a series of tests before having to present a commercial project to a jury of industry professionals. His work focused on the role of artificial intelligence in the future organization of work won over jurors. Notice to interested parties: Adecco may repeat the experience for the summer of 2021. Case to follow …


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