66 F-16 jets make Taiwan Air Force ‘destitute’, pilots are afraid of China’s war threat: always on edge – all pages

Sosok.IDChina has increased the pressure on the Air Force Taiwan, with vigorous exercise military in the region continuously.

President Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen made a visit to Gangshan air base in the south Taiwan Kaohsiung to re-energize engineers Taiwan in the middle of the air pressure performed repeatedly by China.

During his visit, he was reportedly stunned by the cost of one component for a fighter jet Taiwan, with one small component for $ 13,000 (9,734) or the equivalent of Rp.190 million.

Tsai then told the sailors near the Zuoying naval base that he would be the troop’s strongest support Taiwan.

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“If there are no reserves or assistance from all of you, the steadfast military combat power will be greatly reduced,” said President Tsai Ing-wen. Daily Express, Monday (28/9/2020).

Tsai’s remarks followed the delivery of Chinese fighter jets to the Taiwan Strait and the Pratas Islands.

The Chinese Air Force dwarfs Taiwan, where it has to repeatedly scramble jets to intercept Chinese planes.

Although China has not yet made a fly-over over mainland Taiwan, the operation has increased financial pressure in Taipei.

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Taiwan’s defense ministry said the “dramatic increase” in threats from China, along with its “middle-aged” aircraft fleet, had led to a large increase in the cost of maintaining fighter jets.

The defense ministry added in a report last month that China‘s fly-over was over the straits and that the islands were meant to reduce Taiwan’s response time, which has put “great pressure” on front-line forces.

They added that China‘s flights to southwestern Taiwan were “an attempt to exhaust air defenses”.

Taiwan warned that if they became more frequent, they would “increase the burden of our response”.

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A Taiwan-based diplomat also told Reuters that China‘s strategy was to launch a war of attrition in the island nation with a fly-over.

They said: “China is trying to undermine Taiwanese pilots by making them nervous all the time.”

The air pressure in Taiwan follows the purchase of 66 F-16 jets from the US to fight China in August.

Beijing is furious about US sales to Taiwan, and is stepping up exercises to scare the island into giving up.

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Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, spokesman for China‘s Ministry of National Defense, also told reporters that Beijing would do “whatever is necessary” to destroy Taiwan with dire warnings.

Su Xiaohui, deputy director of the China Institute of International Studies, also rejected the “middle line” maritime border between the two countries.

It says Taiwan andante the US are “very confused” if they believe China will not invade the island nation.

In addition, the US is also experiencing increased tensions with China regarding Beijing’s operations in the South China Sea.

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As is well known, Trump government officials have repeatedly condemned Beijing’s “sovereignty” claim over the South China Sea.

AS also plans to sell seven major weapons systems to Taiwan in a new project called Fortress Taiwan.

Part of the planned agreement between the two countries will see Taiwan receive cruise missiles, drones, and sea mines.

Tsai Ing-wen

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