63% of TikTok users make more purchases online.

TikTok revealed data on consumer behavior in December 63 found that 63% of TikTok users purchased more online products than the same period last year. Introduce business opportunities with TikTok Unboxed Tool: FMCG

Today (February 20, ’16) TikTok For Business revealed that it is continuing to organize an online seminar called “TikTok Unboxed”, which will be an ongoing event throughout the year. It aims to provide insights and the latest trends in each industry from experts to help brands and agencies. Able to use the information in business Including the optimization of digital marketing solutions from TikTok For Business, the first TikTok Unboxed event took place on February 10 in the topic TikTok Unboxed: FMCG.

For TikTok Unboxed: The latest FMCG brings insights into the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) business or consumer goods segment. And from various market studies survey results During the COVID-19 epidemic in March 2020, 69% of people spent more time on their mobile phones, 40% of their time on their laptops. 29% of them spend more time on a TV screen. It also saw a dramatic change in people’s behavior, with 76% opting to avoid crowded places, 46% had to buy additional food and beverage supplies, and 43% had more household purchases. up In addition, more people are choosing to spend more time indoors, 36% of them spend more time watching more news, 21% spend time cooking and housework, while 5% spend more time on the job. Create video

From the above data, it is reflected that consumer behavior during the COVID-19 situation has changed significantly and continues to date, consistent with the TikTok user survey in Thailand in December 2020. In the past, it was found that the online shopping behavior of Thais has changed significantly, with 63% of TikTok users having a higher online shopping behavior from 2019, including spending money on shopping. Online has soared.3 out of 5 TikTok users are less likely to live outside. It was found that most of them focus more on activities with family members.

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In addition, it was found that the behavior of viewing content related to consumer products on TikTok has increased. It was found that there was a 77% higher interest in viewing cosmetic-related content.

There was a 33% higher interest in hair care content, 10% higher interest in skin care content, and high interest in food-related content. 10% more, reflecting a new era of consumers living more online. It is an important opportunity for brands to show their skills to turn the crisis into an opportunity to continue their business without stumbling amid this huge change. One of the key strategies that will be the starting point for the success of TikTok marketing is to understand the nature of the platform and the TikTok user behavior so that it can take advantage of the TikTok platform to create a marketing activity or Marketing campaign that meets the needs Create memories And expand into sales effectively

TikTok For Business offers a tool called Creative Box that allows FMCG businesses to create outstanding and effective content that will grow their business.

Box 1: Create a Dramatic Product Experience. Create a stunning product experience.

Box 2: Dramatize Problems your Products Solve lists problems your product can help solve.

Box 3: Play with A Unique Features Play with brand identity or strength.

Box 4: Carry Out Demonstrations Product demonstration or review

This Creative Box tool is an interesting starting point for FMCG businesses to market on TikTok. The TikTok platform also has Creative Tools to make it easy and convenient to create short, vertical video content. That comes with the tools for filming, editing, applying effects The use of audio tracks, voice narrations, can be completed in one step.

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For more information about the annual TikTok Unboxed event, visit www.tiktok.com. https://www.tiktokunboxed.com/ and you can also follow the information about TikTok for Business via Line Official Account: @tiktokforbusiness. Or contact the TikTok team for further advice at https://www.tiktok.com/business/th

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