61-year-old shoots 17-year-old dead (update) – Suriname Herald

Bisiendew S. (61) was arrested on Saturday, September 12 and subsequently detained on suspicion of aggravated assault with premeditated intent resulting in death.

In the early morning of Saturday, September 12, Bisrevenw fired his shotgun at 17-year-old Pawan Rampedarath. This incident took place at the home address of Bisiedingw. Rampedarath was hit in the abdomen and died on the spot. According to statement by Bisiedingw, he saw someone standing near a window of his house and thought that person was a burglar. He then aimed at the person with his shotgun.

The victim was most likely in a love affair with Bisiendew’s daughter and presumably went to see his lover. In the interest of the investigation, the shotgun has been confiscated. The police of the Houttuin bureau has handed this case over to colleagues from the Capital Offenses Department for further investigation.

Police said earlier that it was 18-year-old Pawan Rampedarath. However, that is not correct. It is about 17-year-old Pawan Rampedarath.

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