60,000 bearded men defeated 300,000 armed army because of sales politicians

You cannot forcibly make a nation – neither Soviet, nor Yugoslav, nor democratic Afghanistan. 60,000 bearded men defeated 300,000 armed army because of sales and opportunistic politicians.

This he said in an interview with Maritsa newspaper Prof. Dimitar Yonchev.

– Prof. Yonchev, do we have an explanation 20 years later why the attacks on the Twin Towers took place in New York? How did they change America and the world?

– The answer is given by an interesting thesis about the gift in human history, developed in an article on terrorism by one of the great minds of our time – the philosopher Jean Baudrillard. According to him, the gift is a means of maintaining balance between communities – you receive and return the gesture.

The West has sent its gifts – all the fruits of civilization to the Islamic world – by upsetting their culture. But the West did not accept anything from the East, did not give them the opportunity to show respect. And the people of the East sent what they could – the planes in the towers, returning the gift in their own way.

And here, on a planet on which we are dependent on each other, we do not have the culture to accept the other as we accept ourselves. This inability to live together is our main problem.

Mankind does not currently have a planetary culture to live together. Therefore, when we meet at the level of civilizations, we show great intolerance. Especially the West, which is generally aggressive.

Fundamentalism from the East is also aggressive in its quest to expand its influence, and these two aggressive civilizations meet in an unpleasant way.

Perhaps the exception is the Asian civilization, which watches us without interfering.

– What is behind the fact that 20 years after the attacks in New York, the Taliban again took control of Afghanistan?

– This shows that the Taliban are needed. Al Qaeda was created to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, to prevent Russians from entering the Persian Gulf. The Taliban are doing the same thing now.

These are players who are so organized by the West and especially by the United States that they do the dirty work. When they stay there at a distance, the United States doesn’t care what happens to the refugees – let the Europeans think.

The West came with promises of democracy, but nothing like that 20 years later, writes an Afghan journalist. What is officially said very rarely coincides with what is actually happening.

– After all, how did 60,000 bearded, ill-educated and militarily trained men take over Afghanistan in a matter of days? Where did the 300,000-strong army, generously funded by the West, go?

– The whole construction in Afghanistan was created by sales politicians. No one has delved deeply into Afghanistan’s cultural problems.

There is a very good novel by the famous writer Khaled Hosseini “The Kite Hunter”, which shows how a fundamentalist change blows up the little they have achieved in terms of civilization.

And if the West had been there for 20 years claiming to impose democracy, they had to strengthen ties, to cover the country in such a way that they had a base for the new government everywhere. In fact, everything revolved around the capital and this culture of the country was not touched at all.

People who were close to the Americans benefited. And now they have to pay a cruel price for it. It turns out that this whole region – Pakistan, Punjab, India and nearby parts of China – is ruled by this type of culture, shaped in a spirit that easily becomes fundamentalist.

There the organization is tribal, with incredibly strict Sharia laws, and there is no room for things that are normal for us.

And when we meet, we are like water and oil.

The 20th and 21st centuries pay a tax for the 19th century with the invented great social concepts, utopias that were supposed to make life happy. It turned out that you could not forcibly make a nation – a Soviet nation did not work, nor a Yugoslav one. A democratic Afghanistan cannot be achieved.

This is another demonstration of declared social engineering, which fails. Another utopia for exporting democracy, with which you solve other issues. Billions are not spent for a utopia, but to get more.

– Is the United States giving up the role of hegemon by withdrawing from Afghanistan?

– The war in Afghanistan, called by the United States the longest in its history and led by four presidents, has done its job. The explanation is geopolitical – Russia should not reach the Persian Gulf.

Even now that the United States is not in Afghanistan, the Taliban will not allow Russia to cross. Ie the geopolitical question has been resolved in the interests of the United States, of the West, at the expense of Europe. Refugees cannot reach the United States.

The United States simply achieved its goal, solved its geostrategic issue because it did not allow Russia to control the situation in the Indian Ocean. The Taliban will not soon disappear from the area.

The United States in the 21st century is worried about Asia, where it has no position. China and Russia are on the sidelines, and if they had broken into the Indian Ocean, the United States would literally be isolated from that part of the world. And they are very ambitious to have control over Asia, since the rest of the world is under their control.

– How serious is the danger of terrorism today? Is an assassination attempt on the scale of the one 20 years ago possible?

– The Taliban celebrate success without much loss. But they cannot pursue a unified policy, because everything there is divided into tribes, between which a balance must be maintained.

It is quite possible in certain situations for individual figures to reach extreme measures. Especially when there are formal occasions, such as caricatures of Allah in France or statements disgracing Allah. Ie the breeding ground for terrorism has strengthened, the Taliban have expanded their territory and will now control drug trafficking.

They have a lot of weapons – they have appropriated the arsenals supplied by the West. It is no coincidence that the Taliban’s attack on Kabul was like a theatrical action – everything fell only in front of them. Unfortunately, normal people in Afghanistan fall between the gears of the big game.

They are unlikely to organize systematic attacks. But their idea of ​​a just world is one in which their influence expands and attacks on them are punished. They respond to the stimulus-response principle.

I do not approve of the actions of the French with the insults to Allah. And the price was high, people died because of the reckless talk of journalists.

We need to think about what motivates people to commit suicide. To give up life, you have to be motivated by something bigger. And the one who gets hooked on this bigger one risks a lot.

For us Christians, Christ is no longer what Allah is to Islamists. Putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes would save us a lot of trouble and sacrifice.

Terrorist attacks will occur incidentally, rather on the principle of reaction, if provoked by more extreme actions.

– Should we expect a powerful wave of refugees from Afghanistan to flood Europe?

– There have been Afghans in Europe for a long time. I guess the current wave will be stronger and will probably last for several years. Systematic clean-ups will begin inside Afghanistan.

For now, however, the outings are chaotic, with the Taliban making declarations that they will let those who want to leave. But as is typical of these types of regimes, they will start pointing fingers at each other and create a lot of tension, as a result of which people will flee.

I think that Europe will not be able to deal with this wave on its own and will have to make new compromises with Turkey. The situation is complicated because the US bill is now being paid by Europeans and the unfortunate people in Afghanistan.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s idea of ​​becoming a leader of the Islamic world has led him to accept refugees. On the other hand – for him this is a trump card for Europeans, ie. he does not lose from this conflict. Thus, Ankara’s position is strengthened. And Erdogan is a player by nature, he is bold.

Europe for me is a sick person, we cannot overcome internal differences. The EU is another social engineering project. Making a community of countries whose wardrobes are full of skeletons is very difficult.

Europe needs to get used to the idea that it will not reach a consensus on migration and will have to maneuver between different points of view.

– Will the Balkan refugee routes through Bulgaria be activated? Can members of ISIL or Al Qaeda penetrate our country?

“It’s entirely possible.” Russia has already taken special measures because they do not want disguised Taliban to enter as refugees. There is a risk with us as well, but the issue of refugee flows is very difficult to solve.

And it depends on how much Erdogan will open the border. If several hundred people a day go to our border, there is practically no service in the world that can guarantee that no infiltrated terrorist has passed through the refugee flow. This is a real danger.

It does not mean that attacks will start immediately, but we know their model of work – sleeping cells and networking.

The salvation for us is not to pass large groups. Greece gave us an example of how to make a wall.

– Can we expect money from Europe to repair our wall?

– Europe is interested in refugees not coming in from here and not continuing if they do. No wonder the emphasis here is on creating places to concentrate this type of people. Until recently, Afghans in Europe were not considered political refugees, but now they may be given such a status. The question is where and how they will be accommodated.

The sympathy among the Bulgarians was lost, which is understandable – we are tired of our problems. We do not see the light of our own destiny, let alone show compassion for other people.

We have become hostages to our own misunderstandings, to the inability to accept the other. This is the problem of the modern world.

Prof. D.Sc. Dimitar Yonchev is a national security specialist. He graduated from the Military Academy. From 1978 he taught philosophy at the Military Academy, later at the Academy of the Ministry of Interior and at NBU, where in 2012 he was named its honorary professor.

Participated in the work of the Round Table (1990). Member of the BSP in the Supreme National Assembly and in the 36th National Assembly. In 1997 he left the BSP and participated in the establishment of the Bulgarian Euro-Left.



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