6,000 euro center where celebrities want to see their children born

Over the last month we have experienced a true baby boom. María Pombo said goodbye to the year with the best of her gifts, her son Martín, and this Monday, Romina Belluscio saw her dream of being a mother with Guti again fulfilled. To them we must add the presenter Isabel Jiménez or Sandra Gago, Feliciano López’s wife.

They all have something in common and that is that they have chosen the Bmum team to help them bring their children into the world. “Medical center specialized in women: pregnancy, mother and baby in the most welcoming environment with the best professionals”, as defined in their Instagram profile where they have more than 50,000 followers and do not hesitate to share some tricks to carry out the experience of motherhood in a wonderful way.

María Pombo and Pablo Castellano, happy, publish the first image of their son Martín: “Indescribable”


“Jackie, Abi and the whole Bmum Madrid team … Thank you from the heart. We want to have you always close,” wrote Sandra Gago as soon as she gave birth to little Darío. “I would repeat it with my eyes closed. Choose you to bring our son into the world, admitted María Pombo. But who are they?

Jackie Calleja is a gynecologist and director of the Bmum clinic with extensive experience in humanized childbirth. At his side, there is always Abigail Núñez de Arenas, founder, general director of the center and midwife. They are the visible head of a team full of professionals who work to make this moment unforgettable.

The objective of Bmum and perhaps the reason why so many familiar faces trust them is because they not only offer a “special, personalized and respectful” birth based on the needs of the parents but also help them in that adventure of motherhood after the birth.

As if this were not enough, mothers have at their disposal a series of activities at their disposal to fully enjoy this new personal adventure: Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. Abdominal Diastasis Recovery. Abdominal Aesthetics. Postnatal Yoga. Hypopressive classes. Personal training.

Of course, this type of experience is not within the reach of all pockets. The different consultations, analyzes, ultrasounds … have an average price of 150 euros to which should be added the moment of delivery, which has a minimum cost of 6,000 euros.

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