60-year-old man missing off Viana do Castelo

Follow good port the construction of the second oceanic vessel of entirely Portuguese manufacture. MS World Voyager is taking shape at the West Sea shipyards (sub-concessionaire of the extinct Viana do Castelo Shipyards) and is preparing to sail the different oceans of the globe with the heart seal of Alto Minho.

Construction of MS World Voyager. Photo: Mario Ferreira

Mário Ferreira, owner of Mystic Invest, responsible for the management of these ships, said that it should start operating before May 2020, “because tickets are already sold by then”.

According to the specifics of the ship, consulted by O MINHO, it will cost about 70 million euros, approximately the first version of this oceanic ship, which has already set sail August 2019 for northern European freezing waters.

This new ship, like the Explorer, is prepared for ice expeditions, reaching speeds of 18 hourly (30 kilometers) with a length of 126 meters wide and a nautical mouth of 19 meters.

Construction of MS World Voyager. Photo: Mario Ferreira

Several trips have been sold by the end of 2020

MINHO consulted the sponsor of these trips, Nicko-Cruises, confirming Mário Ferreira’s assertions that several tickets have been sold and many are available for sale.

For example, between October 24 and November 2, 2020, with tickets starting at € 2,399, you can take a trip on the new ship across the Mediterranean Sea through Valletta, Lipari, Amalfi, Corsica, Majorca, Valencia, Malaga and Lisbon.

Tickets can range in price from the 200 seats available on eight decks, three of them with 86 staterooms.

6,699 euros (per person) is the most expensive ticket price, including accommodation in a suite located on the sixth deck.

More ships on the way

According to the promoter of these trips, new ships may be on their way, beyond the three initially pointed out by Mário Ferreira. Nicko-Cruises handles at least three more ships than ever before.

After World Explorer (2019), World Voyager (2020) and World Navigator (2021), World Traveler (2022), World Adventurer (2023) and World Seeker (2024) are announced.

Nicko-Cruises, a German cruise ship travel company, rents (to Mystic Cruises) the vessels for much of the year. Quark Expeditions, on the other hand, rents the ships for polar ice expeditions.

Photomontage of MS World Voyager. Author: Nicko-Cruises

The ships belong to the Portuguese company Mystic Cruises, by the same owner of Douro Azul.

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