6 Wedding Planning Apps Every Bride-To-Be Needs


Many congratulations on your engagement. No doubt it is time to start planning the wedding, but hold on! We’re in a time where a lot of things can and should be managed remotely. With the best wedding planning app for every aspect of your preparation, you can get all of your tasks done in record time. And with some of the best wedding planning apps available to you, you are in luck.

A good thing for you that we have collected the best wedding apps a bride or a couple could need to get them started on their wedding preparations after their engagement. These wedding planner apps cover everything, from deciding on your budget, managing it, creating your lists, a plan, invitations and much more.



  1. Bridebook

One of the top wedding planning apps out there is the Bridebook. With this app you can cover pretty much most of your needs for your wedding preparation. From managing your budget, to planning your guest list, finding local vendors, contacting and keeping track of them. You could also make an account and add your wedding date in the app. Bridebook is one of the most handy wedding apps you can get for your wedding.


  1. Pantone Studio

Get the best color scheme for your wedding with Pantone Studio. One of the most important aspects of your wedding will be the theme, and you would need to decide on the colors early. As one of the best wedding planning apps for colors, with Pantone Studio you can create color palettes, experiment with them and see what works best for your chosen wedding theme. Take pictures of items and dresses you plan to use and see if the shades fit with your palette, using this nifty color guide.



  1. Appy Couple

If you are that couple that plan to have a wedding website, and you are tech-savvy enough to want to build it on your own, then you will love this one. Appy Couple can help you build one of the best wedding planning websites. Create your own wedding website in an interactive way that can be used by you and by your guests. Share all of the necessary invitation for your wedding, from your invitations, to collecting RSVPs, manage the guest list, collect the wedding pictures of your guests, and much more.


  1. Joy

A wedding is all about love and happiness. To help you spread the love and celebration as fast and easily as possible, is this bridal app, Joy. One of the best wedding budget apps out there, you can do pretty much everything that you need for your wedding with Joy. It is free and helps you manage your guest list, your schedule; you can use it to send invitations and other such information to your guests. Joy can also work as your internal social network between you, your guests and your entire wedding party. Guests can have profiles and connect with each other, getting more familiar with each other before your big day. It is a great way to share memories and make connections that will linger even after the wedding is over.


  1. Top Table Planner

No need to be wary of table planning. One of the best wedding apps for guests seating is here. With Top Table Planner by your side, you can manage your guest list, add tables and continue to re-shuffle your seating plan until it’s absolutely perfect. This free to use app is one that can help you save the day and keep things simple with friends and family seating exactly where they should. When you are done planning, you can simply print out the seating plan to send to the venue or any vendors that would need it for menu choices and so on.


  1. Mint

We all know that money is a big part of wedding preparation, and the prices keep climbing. With wedding organizer apps like Mint, you can keep track of your wedding spending in the best way. This free financial tracker and money manager can help you create a budget and also track all of your spending no matter the amount. With Mint you can also have all of your bills, credit cards and bank accounts in one place for easy money management.


In this age of technology, it would be a complete waste not to use up to date and simple to operate wedding planning apps to your advantage. Reduce your stress and optimize your chance for success with bridal apps that have been built with such events in mind. Simplify the entire process with just a few clicks to help give you the wedding that you deserve.


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