6 Ways to Overcome HP Blank Screen Black and White

How to deal with HP blanking but leaving only a black or white screen color, can be done in several steps. Mobile or cell phone blank usually marked with a black and white display, it usually occurs due to memory problems, faulty LCD, battery, and system errors.

Before taking your phone to a service center, you can perform first aid on a persistent phone blank. There are several ways to overcome a blank cellphone and this can be used for certain cellphones.

Causes of HP Blanking

android phone blank usually marked with a black and white screen, generally because the screen is not working. Other causes of a black-and-white screen appearing on a mobile phone are as follows:

  • Loose LCD screen connector
  • Phone system error
  • The application is not compatible with the device
  • Phone overcharging or taking too long
  • Cache the app has not been cleaned
  • The phone is in an extreme room temperature such as too hot or cold
  • Memory full
  • Batteries that need to be replaced

How to Overcome HP Blank

1. Reboot Phone

Users can press the button to restart the phone. This method is used for non-removable cell phone batteries. Each phone has a different key combination. Here’s how reboot Android phone:

  • Press the power button + volume up at the same time
  • Power button + down
  • Pressing Power + volume down + volume up
  • Power + Home Button

Press the button power and button volume simultaneously, wait for the phone to turn off, then release the key combination when the phone logo lights up.

2. Clean Charging Port

Dust and dirt in the phone can affect performance cell phone, as well as being one of the causes of cell phone blanking. You can clean dirt and dust from port charging. Here’s how to clean port charging:

  • Use a wooden toothpick or cotton bud small size
  • clean up port charger from dust and dirt
  • Wait up to 10 minutes, after port charging cleaned. After that try charging and reboot cell phone.

3. Recharge Battery

Collect Lifewire.com, One way to overcome HP blanks is to charge the cellphone to full. You just have to wait for the phone battery to completely run out and die. After that, charge the phone until the battery is fully charged.

This method is to restart the phone due to a system error. Generally a system error causes the screen to go blank. After charging, the phone restarts and can work again.

4. Remove the Battery

Older phones use batteries that can be removed and installed. Mobile phone users can remove the battery for 30 seconds or more, after that put the battery back in and turn on the phone. Wait a few moments until the phone screen turns on again.

5. Restart Phone

Android phone provides settings restart or reset the phone. This method can help you to turn the phone back on. Here’s the tutorial:

  • Open phone settings menu
  • Choose General Management
  • Click Reset
  • The phone will automatically schedule or start immediately reset the phone
  • Wait a while until the phone restart automatic

6. Factory Settings

The next step is to choose factory settings. However, you need to be careful because the phone will return to its original settings. As a result, if you choose this step, all memory and applications can be deleted automatically. The solution, you can do back up data to another computer or phone to save data.

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