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He chocolate It is one of the most popular foods, not only in our country but throughout the world.

And it is that in addition to its characteristic flavor, which can have many variants, some of its components help to improve our mood.

Cocoa, milk, cocoa butter and sugar are the ingredients of chocolate that, together, manage to generate serotonin, the neurotransmitter that achieves the feeling of satisfaction, joy and well-being.

That is why one of the most repeated doubts among consumers is related to how to identify a good quality chocolate.

In that sense, the popular chocolate shop Warsaw, with more than 65 years in the market, explained to us that a suitable manufacturing process added to a high percentage of cocoa butter makes a chocolate of good quality.

However, there are other details to pay attention to as well. In order to recognize quality, we must identify the following characteristics, he advises Warsaw.

1. The product must have a bright appearance and uniform color. In addition, it should not present cracks or bubbles.

2. Good quality chocolate has a good break. For the same, when splitting must be dry and not stretchy.

3. Another aspect that you can look at is its taste and smell, which should be intense chocolate.

4. Once in your mouth, the product must offer soft to the palate, and must not contain detectable granules.

5. In addition to a good dissolution on the palate, it should not leave a greasy residue. The dissolution should be easy, continuous and complete.

6. Premium quality chocolate contains a high percentage of cocoa. The higher the percentage, the purer and better chocolate.

All this is due to the combination of raw materials of the best quality, the result of a correct tempering and a perfect refining process.

It should be noted that the chocolatería Varsovienne has extensive experience in chocolates, chocolates, calugas and delicatessen, “Working with the best raw materials, originating from different parts of the world, and tradition in each of our recipes, to deliver products with a unique finish”.

“About the products preferred by customers, we can say that milk chocolates are the most preferred by our consumers. In this line we have our traditional 36% cocoa blended milk chocolate, a mixture of cocoas from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Colombia ”, he indicated Claudio Fehrenberg, General Manager of Varsovienne, to BioBioChile.

“On the other hand, the box that has attracted the most attention is our box large selection Chocolates and Solid, which combines Pisco, Mint and Amaretto chocolates accompanied by the classic chocolates 63% cocoa, Blended Milk 36% Blonde and White ”, he added.



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