6 thousand Chrome tabs are the ones that are needed to defeat the Mac speed of 50 thousand dollars

An American blogger tested Apple’s new Mac Pro, which has 1.5 TB of RAM.

12, 2020

2 min read

Chrome vs Apple. As an experiment Jonathan Morrison an American blogger tested the new Apple Mac Pro, which has 1.5 TB of RAM. This in order to know what the machine speed capacity is.

The young man discovered that the machine only holds 6,000 open Google Chrome tabs and exposed it through his account Twitter.

Through a video on his YouTube account Morrison showed the experiment step by step. In which it is shown that upon reaching the 5,000 open pages I could still alternate them, however, when a thousand more were added the problems began.

The test ended when the blogger closed the pages that did not respond and the browser used more than 1.45 TB of the computer’s RAM. This computer was released in December 2019 and its full version costs about 52 thousand dollars (one million pesos approximately).


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