6 Rows of Tallest Mountains in the Solar System, Some are Three Times Higher than Mount Everest!

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List of tallest mountains in the solar system.

Bobo.id – Almost all corners of the world have high mountain charming places, one of which is Mount Everest.

Mount Everest is the second highest mountain on Earth with snow covering it, friends.

However, do you know friends? It turns out that there is a mountain that is high above Mount Everest, lo.

Yep, the mountain can be found in space, in our solar system. Interestingly, they are even more numerous than the mountains on Earth.

The following is a list of the highest mountains in the Solar System. Curious? Let’s find out together, shall we!

1. Rheasilvea Mons

The mountain, which is located on the asteroid Vesta, is the highest mountain in the solar system because it reaches 22,000 meters in height.

This mountain has a diameter of 505 km or about 90 percent of Vesta’s own diameter. That is, this mountain covers almost the entire southern hemisphere of Vesta.

This mountain was first discovered by the Hubbel Telescope in 1997 and was only recognized by astronomers in 2011.

The name Rheasilvea itself is taken from Rhea Silvea, mother of Romulus, the first king of the city of Rome in Ancient Roman mythology.

2. Olympus Mons

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