6 myths you have believed all the life on the physical exercise

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    Luckily, we live in a time of access to the immediate information wonderful. But this also has a negative part and that is that, unfortunately, we also live surrounded by myths, legends and false beliefs about it all. The ‘fake news’ flood our lives and walk with feet of lead to not believe everything that circulates, or we will live in a parallel reality in which nothing is real. Of course, it also affects our day-to-day, to our habits… and in this sense, physical exercise and sports practice. Also about your relationship with weight loss. And to help you walk the right path, we have the help of Alexander Perez, CEO and founder of Wonder Medical. Because it is not gold all that glitters…

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    Tire for best results

    No, No and No. To reach the limit of exhaustion in the physical exercise is not synonymous with effectiveness. Have muscle soreness, is not synonymous with a right effort. And Alexander Pérez, explains it this way: “The philosophy of ‘no pain, no gain’ (no pain no wins), is the cause of many give up their exercise routines by not being commensurate to your training pace. We must be aware that our body can’t every day to train with the highest intensity and with the motivation to stop.”

    Are you sweating to burn more calories

    One of the most widespread of all and yet also the most ‘fake’ because you burn calories doesn’t have to do with the effect of sweat. “When we sweat we eliminate liquids and this can have unwanted effects. The sauna is not a physical activity and does not help us to get rid of unwanted fat. Many people still use girdles or thick clothes to exercise without thinking that these methods only manage to eliminate water and that the body can get to become dehydrated. We sweat when we it dehydrates and that is why there is that exercising with a lot of clothes in a very hot”, explains the expert.

    Over the age

    How many times have you heard that at a certain age, the exercise is not as effective? And what is true is that the studies conducted on the physical activity on a regular basis, no matter the age, have always been beneficial. Alexander Perez talks about these positive effects: “they can be outdoors with the aim of preventing cardiovascular diseases and increasing oxygenation, lung volume and reduce respiratory problems. For the people of the third age, we recommend activities that will develop resistance and will better the health of the heart, such as walking, swimming or biking, as well as pilates and yoga, which in addition will give them the agility and flexibility”.

    You train better in the morning, on an empty stomach

    It is not true at all because really, the best time to train is one in which we can do consciously and it can become a habit. It is indifferent to time of day, studies show: “it is often incorrectly believe that training on an empty stomach forces the body to consume the fat reserves. However, it has been shown that you need the presence of glucose in the body to trigger the burning of calories. If we run out of stored glucose, the effect will be the opposite and we will begin to burn muscle. Eat a small snack 30 or 60 minutes before you train, provides us with the energy to train in a more comfortable, efficient and enjoyable, consuming more calories and getting better results.”

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    Do aerobic exercise, slimming and weight generate muscle

    Another myth more than the scientific studies have already been commissioned to rebut. And it has been shown that controlled training with high intensity and with resistance, such as dumbbells, elastic bands, isometrics, springs, etc, are much more effective than aerobics. In addition, they require less time and leads to increased caloric consumption. Although Alexander Perez remembers something important: “it is clear that a greater body volume of muscle will require an increase in basal metabolism, which consume energy even while at rest. Obviously, both types of exercise have numerous benefits for the weight control and health, and we will require a correct balance between the two.”

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    You only get a good physical shape in the gym

    And we regret to tell you that if you have believed, you are wrong. Every time there are more medical treatments and cosmetology remodeling body based on the increase of the muscle mass in certain areas of the body, like they have in Wonder Medical. But in addition, physical exercise at home is gaining more and more positions as a result of the confinement. The isometric in the classroom and yoga in the bedroom, and climb up positions. And yes, the good physical shape you can get out of the gym.

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