6 Laptops Confirmed To Get Windows 11 Update That Will Be Available On October 5th

SUBANG NEWS Microsoft in its official blog site has stated that the operating system Windows 11 will be officially available on October 5, 2021. Windows 11 offers a new and fresh interface to the users without compromising the user experience.

Windows 11 also said to have improved in terms of performance and bring experience multitasking advanced level to make its operation easier for users.

Microsoft also stated that Windows 11 is the best version of Windows to do gaming as well as adding an AI-powered Widget so that users can easily access the tools they need.

Not only that, Microsoft also said that Windows 11 has been optimized for input touch and sound, and provide lists laptop that they recommend and will officially get Windows 11. Here is the list:

1. Laptop Acer Swift 5 (SF514-55)

Acer Swift 5 (SF514-55)

Notebook Acer Swift 5 (SF514-55) combines uber-stylish design with the latest performance technology. This laptop is powered by processor Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 11th Generation and verified to meet Intel Evo platform requirements.

Acer Swift 5 claimed to have a battery life of up to 17 hours and has a touchscreen display coated with a Corning Antimicrobial coating Gorilla Glass, and users have the option to include further antimicrobial solutions on the touchpad, keyboard and all device enclosures.

2. Acer Swift X (SFX14-41G)



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