6 days in front of the hospital Refuse to go home A faithful dog waits for his master to recover.

6 days in front of the hospital – Demiren news agency reported another example. “Dogs are man’s best friend” when an elderly man is hospitalized. But a faithful dog waited in front of the hospital entrance for 6 days until the master could return home

As soon as Jemalsentuk Was taken into an ambulance car to the Hospital Medical Park in the city of the zone. In northeastern Turkey on Jan. 14. Bon Juk (Boncuk in Turkish means “bead”) The fluffy white dog fled from the apartment and followed his beloved boss to the hospital and waited patiently every day.

Einor Egeli Daughter of the patient Try to bring Bonjuk home. But it refused to come out until it met her father. Muhammad Adeniz Hospital security staff said Bonjuk came to the hospital every day around 9am and waited until dusk when the hospital doors opened. It will stick its head inside.

side Dr. Murat Erjan Director of International Patient Center Medical Park Hospital CNN The hospital staff informed Mr Zentuk where the patient’s dog was. But when Bonjuk was brought home It still escapes again and returns to the hospital every day. While Mr. Zentuk’s apartment was not far away. And the family was unsure of how the dog escaped.

“Bon Juk followed the patient to the entrance of the hospital. And refused to go anywhere for 6 days until the boss left the hospital on Jan. 20, although the family brought back Bonjuk. But it escaped every day to wait at the door every day, ”said Erjan.

Although Mr. Sentuk had to speak to Bonjuk through the window while staying in the hospital. Try to comfort and make Bonjuk But it still won’t go back until the boss has left the hospital. Win the hearts of hospital staff who feed and care for the sick four-legged friends.

“Sentuk has been with Bonjuk for 9 years and misses a lot while staying in the hospital. After leaving the hospital The patient meets the dog at the entrance to the hospital. Bonjuk had a really cute behavior over the course of 6 days that made the hospital staff fall in love with it, ”concluded Erjan.

Mr. Zentuk revealed that “Bon Juk is very familiar to me. And I think about it all the time. Dogs make fun Make companionship like human beings Makes people happy “


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