6 Dangdut singers are often mistaken for Islam, even though they are Christians

Tuesday, 28 June 2022 – 12:53 WIB

LIVE ShowbizReligion is everyone’s personal business, but people are generally curious about the religion that is believed by public figures, especially for dangdut singers. Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia, so it is not surprising that dangdut singers are thought to be artists who follow Islam. In fact, there are also many Indonesian dangdut singers who adhere to religion Kristen or Catholic.

Netizens often find out about the profile and religion of the dangdut singers who are their idols. In fact, there are also many fans who end up being fooled by the religion adopted by the idol because they adhere to a certain religion. Not infrequently the religion of a public figure becomes a benchmark for someone to idolize him or not.

Well, the following will describe a dangdut singer who is Christian, but is often mistaken for Islam.

1. Thomas Djorghi

Thomas Djorghi is a multitalented artist. He had tried his luck in the world of modeling, acting, to the world of singing. Thomas Djorghi has also released albums with the pop genre, but in the end he was successful through the dangdut music genre.

This handsome man who is still single is actually a Catholic. Although the kayaker, Sultan Djorghi, adheres to Islam, he is not necessarily the same as his brother. Their families also remain harmonious and compact with these differences.

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