6 Couples of Artists from Different Religions Accompany Each Other While Observing Ramadan Fasting.

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Not only Muslims, non-Muslims also welcome the month of Ramadan with great joy. Even though they are different, the togetherness between people in the month of Ramadan is very warm.

In establishing interfaith relations, several Indonesian celebrity couples accompany their lovers in fasting for Ramadan 2023. They are even enthusiastic when breaking their fast together until dawn.

The month of Ramadan is usually a moment of complete gathering with family and friends once a year, so it’s no wonder that many people welcome the month of Ramadan with great joy.

There are those who accompany them for the first time, but there are also artist couples who have accompanied their lovers in fasting for Ramadan for 3 times. Called suitable, a series of these couples are prayed for to last.

Dating people of different faiths, here Liputan6.com summarizes from various sources about artists who accompany their lovers to fast Ramadan 2023, Sunday (26/3/2023).

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