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6 children died in a hellish melee PHOTOS

by world today news

A severe accident that killed six children occurred in the area of ​​the village of Yamki, Russia. Rescuers who arrived at the scene saw that KamAZ collided with a Mercedes-Sprinter minibus. A car was also involved in the accident.

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According to preliminary information, there were 18 people in the minibus, including 12 children – representatives of the children’s and youth basketball school in Volgograd. They were accompanied by a coach as well as the parents of two girls. The driver of the van with the children did not register the trip.

According to official figures, all the other 12 passengers on the bus were taken to hospital with various injuries.

Young basketball players born in 2006-2008 went to competitions in Cherkessk. In the vicinity of the village of Yamki, a truck crashed into their bus. The KAMAZ made a maneuver to turn.

“According to the preliminary version, then the truck overturned and fell on the van with children,” said the traffic police department in the Stavropol Territory.

The cause of the tragedy is being established. He also clarifies what competition the team went to, as there is no registered basketball tournament in the regional sports federation this week.


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