5x life hacks for mothers of creatives

Great for crafting, claying or painting with your child, but nobody will be happy with the gang you are left with. Cleaning up is a breeze with these genius life hacks!

Clay pots carousel

Clay: Very colorful and creatives love it, but storing the clay can be a nightmare. It dries out, gets mixed up and jars or lids disappear miraculously. We have the golden tip for you! Score a coffee-cup carousel. Jars of Play Doh clay fit perfectly here (just check the size of the carousel). This way your clay stash always looks organized!

Paint pumps

Put paint in empty soap dispensers. Make a rainbow of pumps and your children can get started on their own, because they no longer have to ask for help if they need extra paint. Also good for fine motor skills. This life hack will also save you a lot of dried out paint. You can never forget to close the tube or jar again. Useful!

cupcake pan

Also useful when painting: use a cupcake tin as a painter’s palette. This way the colors don’t get mixed up, because you can put a different color in each box.


Are your children not so frugal with the glitter? Grab a clothes roller and you will collect all the glitter from the table, the floor or their clothes in a few rolls.

Excessive glue use

A jar of glue can cause several problems: the hole is closed, your child can use too much or the glue has dried. The solution is quite simple: take a plastic sealable container, put a sponge in it and pour some glue over the sponge. Your children can press pictures, papers or other things they want to glue against the sponge so that they don’t get too much glue. Ready to glue? Close the container and save it for next time.

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